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Saved a screenshot. Saw an article earlier today about iron ions and didn’t earlier today but wish I did

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The article link has now been posted by (I thin, not sure) @LolaB

I just read it. Hope someone with medical knowledge will assess it because if it's true, it totally changes how the virus should be approached.

Please read....

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LolaB has protected tweets and just 4 followers.....can’t get access

Can you check if that’s the correct link?


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Thank you. So hard to tell what to believe anymore. Either this thing Was taken down bc it is bunk or because saving lives helps trump

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Over the years, I have spent hours on the phone with a researcher, Ed Harris, discussing erythrocyte destruction in systemic sclerosis (more on this later). Bottom line, plasmapheresis, similar to kidney dialysis, may be an excellent intermediate treatment for covid-19

I can’t get into the details here - there just too much - but here is the similarity between lupus, RA, systemic sclerosis, malaria, and covid-19....


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Our bodies are ecosystems and, like any ecosystem (think of the Everglades & Burmese pythons), disruption wreaks havoc. A virus like covid-19 is the Burmese Python, introduced into a balanced ecosystem but with no natural predator as our T cells do not immediately recognize them. That is why the jump of this virus from animal to human makes it so contagious and potentially fatal to those with already stressed immune function.

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Anyone on immune-suppressing meds - chemo pts, autoimmune disease meds, organ transplant pts - or any pre-existing disease that has weakened the immune response is more susceptible to infection. Covid-19 is double trouble as our T cells don’t even recognize it as an enemy, an infectious pathogen that will quickly overwhelm an even strong immune system.

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When immune dysfunction occurs, naturally occurring organisms - dangerous as infections but somewhat symbiotic internally - have population explosions. Some of these organisms have an affinity for red blood cells and use them as reproduction factories. Since these organisms have already existed in our bodies, our T-cells recognize them and go after them in their favorite nests - joints, red blood cells, cardiac cells, lungs, etc....

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Autoimmune diseases such as lupus & RA are ecosystems out of balance within the body. Dormant or otherwise contained (in cysts, fat deposits, etc) modest populations of harmful bacteria/viruses/parasites that we’ve inherited or collected over the years during previous infections (think childhood chicken pox and adult shingles) re-emerge, reproduce, and re-infiltrate the areas of the body most hospitable to their needs.

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In lupus, these escapees prefer certain organs (kidneys) RA & Lyme Disease, it’s the joints. In my particular case, it’s red blood cells...but I believe some infection of red blood cells occurs in most autoimmune diseases. That’s why many with autoimmune disease become anemic and need B-12 shots.

And this is why Plaquenil, hydroxychloroquine, works so well as an early treatment in autoimmune disease.

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My particular autoimmune disease, diffuse systemic sclerosis (anti- autobody scl-70) is treated with Plaquenil (protects red blood cells), azithromycin (protects the lungs), and minocycline (interferes with the production of fibrosis).

These three medications aid the immune system - and DO NOT SUPPRESS IT - restoring balance to the ecosystem. Instead of dying in 3-5 years, the progression of the disease stopped & all signs & symptoms reversed.

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One hallmark of a potential “terminal” state of both systemic sclerosis (SSc) AND covid-19 is ground-glass opacity in both lungs, a result of the process described in the article you shared. Many SSc patients get lung transplants if they survive long enough but the disease eventually gets those new lungs, too.

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COVID-19 patients, at this point in time, will continue to decline and eventually die once there is bilat ground-glass opacity in the lungs unless a strong immune response, aided by supplemental oxygen, zith and hydroxychloroquine conquers the virus.

President Trump knows this because President Xi told him. And Xi knows this because it’s Chinese researchers & doctors who lead the world in the treatment of malaria and use of Plaquenil & azithromycin.

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Always welcome, Tess.

There was so much I had to leave out so there are gaps in my explanation.

I’m tired, run down from this “flu” I’m getting over, & explaining these processes from my foggy brain straight to the keyboard in short toots leaves a lot to be desired.

Bottom line is erythrocyte (red blood cells) destruction & disease is my wheelhouse. Plasmapheresis, a form of dialysis, can keep a covid-19 patient stable until the meds take effect.

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*with many thanks to Tess LaCoyle @Darabrab Lola LB @lolajl and NotBiden @Hunter for sharing this amazing, and totally correct, article.

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In toot 4 I meant to say “somewhat innocuous internally”, not symbiotic.

While symbiotic internal pathogens can potentially get out of control (population explosion) and disrupt the ecosystem, causing illness/disease, the disease culprit is more likely a dormant pathogen from a past infection or an external pathogen that enters the body as a new agent.

@MaggieMoore @Darabrab @Hunter @richme4 @DASJINFINITE Thank you for the explanation of the process. It's really clear. Why the media isn't doing their job and seeking out the nitty gritty like this I don't know. But I guess they want to keep using scary clickbait so they can get the pennies into their diminishing coffers.


Thank you for your analysis of it! I'm reassured as my instincts re its theory were/are those of a layman. But it passed the "common sense" test to me on the first read.

Thanks go to the original poster(s) and the one(s) who provided the archived copy of the article. I simply added a plea for attention to it by someone more knowledgeable than I.

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I’m back and forth right now, in real time, with a published medical researcher regarding locations (hospitals & univ medical centers) that are currently using his TPE treatment successfully for systemic sclerosis patients with lung ground-glass opacities. If TPE works for them, and it does, it should work for covid-19 patients.

His immunologist co-researcher is balking a bit (plasma reduction of antibodies) but I’m working on them.



My own interest in lung disease and treatment is person. I lost my husband last year to IPF. Difficult way to go, with no cure, no hope of recovery.

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Oh, Tess, I’m so sorry! Without looking it up, I’m guessing that’s idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis?

If so, idiopathic is not a spontaneous appearance of a disease with no genetic or infectious basis, as we’re often told. It just means that haven’t discovered the trigger yet.

@MaggieMoore @Darabrab @Hunter @richme4 @DASJINFINITE @lolajl Maggie I noticed my pupils contracted at the beginning and as I improved went back to normal. Just looked up hypoxia and if I'm reading right it's a symptom, right?

@Joycevor Not as far as I know, Joyce. There are multiple causes, but hypoxia is not one of them. Interesting thing to notice, though. Maybe others have noticed the same thing.
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Thank you, Maggie.

Yes and Yes.
No known genetic/familial factor and no identified exposures.

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In my last post "treatment is person" should read "treatment is personal"... sorry I'm a lazy proofreader.

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Very exciting news! The form of dialysis used to reverse systemic sclerosis (SSc) symptoms/damage called TPE, therapeutic plasma exchange aka plasmapheresis, does not reduce the antibody levels! Most likely because the antibodies are too large for filtration.

This means that this form of dialysis, using centrifugal filtration, may remove the small covid19 virus but not the covid-19 antibodies.

More to come...

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Ah, reverse the last. TPE reduces the antibodies by two-thirds with some remaining in the lymphatic system.

Still, TPE will allow healing and possibly bring a covid-19 patient back to the early stage of the disease with mild symptoms, making the zith-hydroxy combo more effective.

Time for a nap.

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I have been hoping that plasmapheresis could play a role in this. Worked for a phasmapheresis lab in my early 20's, running the lab portion that used the antibodies gathered from plasma removal/exchange/w/saline to develop medical test kits (donations from HIV+, Hepatitis+, Epstein Barr +, Lupas and Rheumatioid arthritis patients). Our Lupus and RA donors got so much relief from the dilution of over-active antibody response.

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Did you get tested for covid? Don’t just assume mild symptoms aren’t covid

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I spoke with my cardiologist, a long-time family friend, who believes it is covid-19 but he’ll do a titer for antibodies when things calm down. I’m past the danger point as I’m already on zith and an antimalarial.

Until, and if, antibodies are found for covid-19 in my blood, I can only say I have the “flu”.

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Good morning Maggie Mae, I’m hoping to get my results this afternoon if not tomorrow. How long should I wait until I ask my doctor to check my titers. What would he specifically be testing? And how long after the virus do you have to wait? It beats waiting for the scientist to come up with that test.

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The present covid-19 test is positive if IgM antibodies are found. These antibodies are the first defense against an active infection.

The longer lasting immunization against the disease, IgG antibodies, will not be in full force until 6-8 weeks after infection. There are variables - immune function, for example - so this is an estimate.

@MaggieMoore Great Job, Missy. I read and complimented the article yesterday. Blood transfusions may help as an emergency stop while the HydroxyC does its job. @HunDriverWidow sent me a video this morning that compliments the article. It's an ER Doc who is basically saying the same thing... don't know if he linked it to hemoglobin yet, but I only had time to watch the first five minutes. Here it is.

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Thank you so much Wzi. It means a great deal to me. I’m so tired & my brain has forgotten more than it remembers.
This video brought me to tears. G-d bless this brave young soul for speaking out. He reminds me of a D.O I met years ago & who impressed me deeply.
I’m still working on plasmapheresis Ed. Some researchers will go down with the ship rather than amend their original hypothesis but I think he trusts me a little 🙏

@MaggieMoore That's funny you say that, Maggie. As I was reading your thread, I was bemoaning the fact that I have obviously forgotten more than I remember. I guess GMTA, even when we get older and forgetful!! Chuckle chortle. @HunDriverWidow @Darabrab @Hunter @richme4 @DASJINFINITE

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I read the transcript of the last news conference -- apparently there are many promising trials going on to cure or treat this virus. I felt reassured.


Thank you ❤️

If it was over your head, it was because I didn’t explain it as I should. If the opportunity presents itself as relative to an SQV toot, I’ll expand on the murkier parts.

Life is beautiful in part because nature repeats successful designs and behaviors over and over. As above, so below. Many familiar analogies can be used to explain the operation of systems we’re less familiar with because very rarely does life stray from a perfect design so it is re-used and recycled.

@MaggieMoore - no need to worry, dear lady. Appreciate everything you've shared.

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Just ran into this. It would tend to at least support the iron ions article's theory that the current COVID-19 treatment is off the mark for this disease.

Martin Geddes (@martingeddes) Tweeted:

Important information about the possible harm of misapplication of ventilators to patients whose problem is oxygen deficiency, not overtired chest muscles.


Saw this yesterday:

Ventilators aren’t a panacea for a pandemic like coronavirus

When we mechanically blow air into your damaged lungs faster and harder than humanly possible, ventilator-induced lung injury may result.

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