I'll happen, patience. This was a leap, not a step!

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May 7, 2020 National Prayer Day~General Mike Flynn, Sidney Powell And The Flynn Family Thank All Of The Great Patriots Of Our Country For Your Amazing Prayers, Messages And Standing Strong With Us! God Bless You And Your Beautiful Families! We Will See You Soon! ⁦@GenFlynn


Exciting News!! @MichaelFlynn

Can't wait for the rest of this unfolds!! The next six months leading up to the election is gonna be LIT!!


The AP handled this rather awkward toward Flynn's delimma in having the FBI & a prejudiced Judicial hammer him & his family.....for essentially nothing.
What a giant waste of time & money.

Starting to see steam coming out of the ears of #cleveratti who are getting mad that reality is not matching up with all their articles describing their shared fantasies about #Russiagate.... let's hope their heads actually explode and we are rid of them.

Rejoice! What a glorious day for @GenFlynn family and this nation.

I cant wait for the General to borrow @ThomasWic ’s WW1 flamethrowers to visit the FBI, DOJ & COVINGTON

Congrats General

@NevadaJack @carolinacally

His belt slipped a little - up to his neck- and cut off his air supply!


I was on the phone moments ago. Interrupted by an incoming call from POTUS.


We will...as soon as the celebrations subside.

If the media were worth a damn, they'd be at James Comey's house asking him for a comment.

Leaked documents show that Beijing City requires hospitals to set up funeral home offices on the premises, The Epoch Times reports. Guess the Chinese are lying after all.


@JM @Lonestar

My thoughts

Collins-Trying to please the weirdos in Maine
Murkowski-Miserable and ugly
Young-I want to be noticed

Senate fails to override President Trump's veto on Iran war powers


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