@REX John Brennan did not stay to be grilled for eight hours for fun, I am certain he was told ...you sing and you go free. And...you know what, the Brennan Canary sang like the low life, scum & vermin rat that he is. Eight hours is a long time to be grilled, & I am sure he fingered the real ring leaders, of the TRUMP Coup, Traitor/Turncoats, Obama & Biden, for AG, Bill Barr!!! The story moves on!!! We, the people wait for justice to be done!! AMEN!!!

Last comment on 'muh Brennan & Durham Fireside Chat' narrative.

If Brennan was told be was just a 'witness' and not under any formal investigation, he would have walked straight out.

As would you or I.

Instead, he stayed for 8 HOURS.

'You know, just to help out Trump and Barr's handpicked prosecutor and stuff'. As you do.

To me, this PR spin by his 'aide' looks more ridiculous by the second. It's 100% BS, aimed at the libtards, who desperately want to believe that Brennan is innocent.

It will also put out a clear message:

'You can conspire to rig an election and help a coup on an elected POTUS, illegally spy on and target innocent citizens (plus whatever else Brennan has done) AND YOU WILL GET AWAY WITH IT.'

That will be A G Barr's legacy, if Brennan skates.

Which is, of course, why he WON'T skate.

What did Trump say?

'This must never happen to a President again.'

I'd trust POTUS over some Brennan propagandist, any day.

How about you?

The end.

Don't be fooled by attempted exculpatory statements and press releases by their lawyers (Clinesmith) and 'former aides' (Brennan).

The one just released - 'hey guys, John Brennan and Durham sat down and had a chat, nothing to see here' comes across as utter BS to me.

The only statements you should rely on are from Durham/Barr/DOJ.

Everything else cannot be trusted, when the stakes are so high.

If Brennan isn't punished, it will be a major failure by A G Barr and a blow to the rule of law.

Oh to be a fly on the wall of the Durham/Brennan meeting.

Just my POV but I don't think this is a fact finding exercise.

I think Durham already has the goods on Brennan and may also have a GJ verdict.

Either way, Brennan is about to learn that he's done. And that he faces death penalty/life sentence OR he can give up Obama and get a reduced sentence.

Fascinating. Let's see what happens.


@Darabrab @JM Thank you, Tess. I don't know what I'm doing, honestly. I apply more and more paint (with tears of frustration between layers) until it looks acceptable. 🤷‍♀️

@redwhitebluedude @timr @Clayrjr @Darabrab @dtweete @REX

Obama quite brilliantly combined the shtick you mentioned with the bare-knuckle tactics of Chicago Machine politics, and nationalized the "Chicago Way."

It worked extremely well for him.

And quite badly for the country.

But perhaps, as the disaster Carter gave us the glory of Reagan, this even-worse disaster may yet yield even greater glory, with Trump - and beyond.

@Darabrab @dtweete @karnage @REX @redwhitebluedude

The Democrats should be focusing relentlessly and constantly on the Judiciary.

They are watching legions of conservative judges being confirmed who will restore the United States and undo decades of leftist radicalism.

@Darabrab @dtweete @karnage @REX @redwhitebluedude

Those judges are the future. It is an enormous job and will take many years to dismantle and destroy the work of the Left. But it has begun and is continuing.

The Democrats are looking at a future where everything they believe and support and advocate for will be undone in the years and decades ahead.

@Darabrab @dtweete @karnage @REX @redwhitebluedude

They boast about the non-existent arc of history. But there is the ebb and flow of power, and that flow has turned against them. Their hold on the media, the culture and academia is still solid, but that changes later.

@Darabrab @dtweete @karnage @REX @redwhitebluedude

Yet the Dems are doing nothing to address it. The courts were barely mentioned in 2016. Now, no Democrat mentions them. They were not addressed at all as far as I know in the debates or campaigns.

There is no pragmatism on their side at all. No common sense or even self-preservation.

OH NO!!! Trump is throwing mail sorting machines in the trash!!!


Last paragraph:
That doesn’t apply in Texas, one of just seven states that limits absentee voting to those who are out of the county during the elections, disabled, jailed or 65 years or older. The courts have ruled that fear of COVID-19 does not count as a disability.

Add this to the list of Obama scandals:

"Chinese companies have since 2013, as part of an Obama administration deal, been allowed to participate in U.S. stock and bond exchanges without having to fully comply with the same Sarbanes-Oxley Act accounting practices and risk disclosure required of American companies."

The Democrats sold us all out.


@Clayrjr @Darabrab @dtweete @karnage @REX @redwhitebluedude

How has that helped them?

That is why they did it - to gain and consolidate power and increase their sphere of influence in winning elections and completing their takeover of the Judiciary.

Everything else is just a means to those ends.

Did they succeed?

What has happened to the Democrats since Obama was elected?

@Darabrab @dtweete @karnage @REX @redwhitebluedude

They destroy themselves every day.

The Democrats are so incredibly, fantastically stupid that they have decided to undermine and overwhelm their own convention with their latest idiocy: the mailbox conspiracy hoax.

Pelosi, in her infinite stupidity and arrogance, is making this the Week of the Mailbox.

So the pathetic convention will be completely overwhelmed.

They are the definition of self-destruction.

@dtweete @karnage @REX @redwhitebluedude

Tribal identification is definitely a factor and is enough to assure that deep blue cities and districts remain blue.

But crime and riots, combined with extreme hard-left economic policies, can be enough to break that hold among a significant minority of Democrats.

@timr @Darabrab @dtweete @karnage @REX @redwhitebluedude

Democrats have been HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL at expanding racism, dividing humanity, and bankrupting morality and economy.

Have they every made anything better? Only for the reprobates at the very top of the food chain.

Progressivism is a society-wide hierarchical Ponzi scheme that makes Bernie Madoff's shenanigans look like roadside solicitations from cardboard carrying panderers.

@Darabrab @Debradelai
Much has been xposed since 2013 & perps are still politically & otherwise active, wrting books & such. At this point, it seems our traitors cover their tracks well.
Here is to hoping things are laid bare.

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