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Please call me out if you don't think I am speaking the Truth or if I'm being factually mislead. Because I always speak the truth & I always try to find reputable sources of the truth. So if you feel you have a better source & a better truth please speak it out loud for everyone to hear! We then use the power of Democracy to screen people out that sound like lunatics and then vote on the best options. People in Venezuela with socialism didn't get that option. I don't want the USA to be next...

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The party who shall not be named tried to buy votes.

The party that shall not be named tried to steal votes.

The party that shall not be named used discernment to unarm their voters, gave up their basic rights and pay more in taxes.

Because they say so? Not!



Obama left Libya in a shambles, and of course the UN recognizes the government that supports terrorism.

The assault on Tripoli is necessary to rid the country of Islamism.

There's no evidence of mass civilian casualties.


You bet.

If the press knew what was happening in the Middle East, they'd try to stop it.

Iraq and Saudi Arabia just agreed to expand their security and intelligence cooperation.

And 13 agreements were signed on expanding trade, energy and political cooperation.

Iran is officially out of the Iraqi government. Sectarianism as an issue is now dead.

Hat tip @HeshmatAlavi

The Sunnis are recognizing Shia Islam as a co-equal branch of the religion.

@ThomasWic I guess there is a purpose for fake news to keep Americans distracted in a bubble while the world is being transformed. There are people in America who have vested interest in keeping the old way going.

Americans are never satisfied, and Trump uses that to his advantage.

All the people who warned us that Mueller would bring down Trump have smoothly pivoted to "Why won't the DOJ release its investigations into Hillary?"

The full-diaper crowd is a great distraction from REAL news.

I thought the Middle East was hopeless, but I was wrong.

NOTHING can get me down now.


It's clear that Saudi Arabia and her allies are deeply involved in both Sudan and Libya.

Remember Yemen?

The war was real, but it was also a giant distraction from Syria and Iraq, where the Gulf Cooperation Council helped the right people win.

The ongoing Mueller bullshit is designed to distract from the transformation of the Middle East, among other things.

The Sudanese government supported Islamist militias called janjaweed, which committed genocide in Darfur.

The Libyan government in Tripoli supports every Islamist terrorist group in the Middle East.

Sudan's government was overthrown, and every day the army makes another concession to the protestors.

And the Libyan National Army is ridding Tripoli of Islamists.


Here's one thing that the Mueller report hoopla is distracting from:

The Middle East is being utterly transformed.

Islamism is being wiped out.

I wonder what their expressions will look like tomorrow morning?

In a stunning but not unprecedented reversal, Cory Booker finally admitted that a crisis exists along the southern U.S. border.

He even urged his fellow peers in the far-left Democrat Party to stop denying this indisputable reality.

“We do have a problem at the southern border,” he said at a campaign event in Iowa.

“Democrats should not deny that we [do].

Nations should have borders, borders should be respected.”

Look at these dipshits.

They launched a DDOS attack on the UK police news and PR site.

That's all it is. Press releases.

And Cassandra Fairbanks thinks it's significant.

Here's the site that Anonymous took down with a DDOS attack to protest Assange's arrest.

It's a news and PR site.

Press releases.

The attack accomplished nothing.

9. But FIRST, Trump will make Obama watch in horror as his co-conspirators are taken down, one by one.

Obama & Clinton come LAST.

DJT means to make sure that this disgraceful crime NEVER happens again. That means scorched earth tactics will apply. NONE of the main players escape.

Their downfall will be PUBLIC.

It's the ONLY way to put the fear of God into anyone now or in the future, who may consider such criminality in the future.

Trump knows that if he doesn't act, this WILL happen again.


Great YouTube video on the man who killed journalism


Imagine if an Accountability Journalist titled their article as:

"One single Republican Presidential Candidate continues to strategize on the beating he's going to give his opponents up through the 2020 election".

It's okay for the left to do it, but God forbid journalists don't get in line & tried to write that, they would be crucified by their big brother employer

@REX It's the commie PM of NZ who has endorsed this vile conduct, I'm afraid. She named Trump in a statement a few hours ago. I'm enraged but trying to tolerate her.

Didn't even give the dead 24 hours of respect : CNN are going all in, linking Trump to the Christchurch massacre. At least 4 Democrats have been aired in the last 2 hours alone. Disgusting people.

CNN is now trash, nothing more than a DNC propaganda arm and its demise in 2019/20, will be wonderful to watch.

@Silver @ThomasWic I accidentally saw the crime scene photos of my brother. It was nothing horrific, but seeing him dead... It’s still seared in my brain. But I still can't imagine what those parents were feeling. What a sick MFer to do that to those poor people.

(5) Since most of you are not in NZ and therefore not under the jurisdiction of NZ law, you don't need to take it into consideration before deciding to "distribute" the video. The legal definition of distribute (in NZ) includes sharing/sending the link or the file. It might even including downloading it, bc it's being transmitted from a server to your device or to cloud storage you own.

They picked the wrong country, bc NZ can reduce the attention they can get, eg trying to speak in court.

(3) I'm using 5 Eyes as shorthand for the countries that always come to my mind when I'm doing "comparative politics", a sub-discipline of my 1990s college degree. The UK, US, CAN, AU and NZ are a unique grouping of English speaking allied countries who for at least a century have shared intel, among other things, in the fight against the world's axis of evil (whichever countries/networks are running it at the time.)

Anyway, the POS/PsOS who attacked us on 15/3 picked the WRONG country.


The Islamic State is using the video to gin up support for attacks against westerners.

I downloaded it, but I would never post it.

Watching such things both traumatizes and inures you, creating a stew of stress hormones in your brain and circulatory system.

The gore aficionados are giving themselves atherosclerosis without knowing it.

They deserve it.

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