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Please call me out if you don't think I am speaking the Truth or if I'm being factually mislead. Because I always speak the truth & I always try to find reputable sources of the truth. So if you feel you have a better source & a better truth please speak it out loud for everyone to hear! We then use the power of Democracy to screen people out that sound like lunatics and then vote on the best options. People in Venezuela with socialism didn't get that option. I don't want the USA to be next...

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The party who shall not be named tried to buy votes.

The party that shall not be named tried to steal votes.

The party that shall not be named used discernment to unarm their voters, gave up their basic rights and pay more in taxes.

Because they say so? Not!


The Google CEO was the fixer for them all... The Deep State goes all the way ... To the Fortune 500. Facebook-LifeLog was a C_A project. Google was a C_A project and Schmidt was a C_A asset puppet.

Time to pay the Barr tab...

Warfare has changed forever.

Pacifists will have to find a new bug to put up their exhaust pipes.

I just bought an absolutely terrible book about the CIA Special Activities Division.

I can't finish the thing. It's so boring that it makes me angry.

More people need to wake up to the Third Revolution in Military Affairs.

I'm tired of being the only person writing about it.


In the Gulf Cooperation Council, the men are allowed to do what they know is within their capabilities.

For that reason we have so many cases of 50 men versus 40,000 or 50 men versus 10,000.

Or two men versus 200.

The key is electronic warfare. The enemy is utterly confused.

And in his state of confusion, machine guns and rockets are fired into him.

The main difference between the US armed forces and the armed forces of the Gulf Cooperation Council is that our allies allow men to undertake incredibly risky missions.

There's absolutely no way that any American commander would allow two men to face an entire armored column.

Our armed forces have a long history of scapegoating, so officers cover their asses in case anything goes wrong.

It turns out that TWO men did all that damage.

They destroyed at least ten armored vehicles and five pickup trucks.

One of the things they did was to skip their rockets off the ground to hit the underside of the armored vehicles.

They had machine-gun posts and rocket caches all over the Institute.

Two men held off hundreds.

It's clear that Hezbollah was being given bogus orders, because the armored personnel carriers kept turning around and unloading men directly into machine-gun fire.

The bodies piled up, and the vehicle drivers panicked.

They drove over the wounded, leaving a trail of flattened men.

Therefore it's very easy to make your enemies fire on each other.

The Russians and Syrians issues flat denials that this is happening, but Russia bombed Hezbollah so many times that Hezbollah finally left Syria.

There's an amazing video that YouTube won't allow to be posted, but it shows Hezbollah being absolutely slaughtered at the Kuweires Military Aviation Institute.

The Russians and Iranians aren't consciously fighting each other.

They're being MADE to fight each other.

The Gulf Cooperation Council hacks into their communications systems and issues bogus orders and coordinates.

Electronic warfare (EW) is devastatingly effective.

Most warfare takes place at long ranges, and all sides in Syria use the same vehicles.

The Tiger Forces are a front for Russian troops.

They don't actually exist.

The commander is Brigadier General Suheil "The Tiger" al-Hassan, who was killed years ago.

Assad and the Russians have been using stand-ins for al-Hassan.

The real Suheil al-Hassan is in the first photo. The rest are the phonies.


Here's a story I missed at the time.

"Recent clashes between two military forces aligned with Syria’s Assad regime have led to the death of at least 70 Syrian troops and numerous injuries, local sources said Wednesday.

"The sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the Russia-backed Tiger Forces and the Iran-backed Fourth Division had clashed on Tuesday in the village of Al-Rasif in Syria’s Hama province."

Leaving Mainstream social media is like trying to leave an insane asylum after having received a lobotomy.

As Paul Watson brilliantly noted in a recent article, "social media is personally responsible for the largest mental health crisis of our generation".

Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act needs to be revoked if Facebook and Twitter continue to censor individuals. If they want to become publishers then become publishers.

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