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Baby's heart beat is going down... They are doing an emergency C-section.

Prayers requested.

On key policies [the federal government] has failed miserably, from 9/11 to the latest crisis rocking the banking industry. That is 20 years of epic, systemic government failures. Throw in deception by some of the highest-ranking government officials and bailouts of foreign interests while U.S. citizens are left hanging, and you get why barely a fifth of Americans have faith in their leaders.

Investigations into the origins of the COVID pandemic, continuing attempts to set up some version of a Department of Misinformation and Disinformation โ€“ read: the government deciding for you what "truth" is, then punishing citizens who might disagree -- and the weaponization of the government against citizens ongoing in the House of Representatives may expose even more examples of the federal government bureaucracy being deceitful in its interactions with the American people.

Congressional leaders such as House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff promised the American people that he had direct evidence about Trump that warranted the president's impeachment. Later, it became clear that he did not, but that has not stopped him from continuing to push his fabrication as he mounts a Senate bid in California. Fifty-one intelligence professionals and leaders signed a letter implying that the Hunter Biden laptop was disinformation and not real. They were all wrong.

Americans have seen so many examples of outright government deceit. FBI and intelligence leaders fostered the notion that President-elect Trump was compromised by Russia. The "Russia hoax" persisted for more than two years as a cloud over the head of President Trump and incapacitated the country.

@Article3Project: "'If New York can turn a routine settlement of a business dispute seven years ago into a felony, I think our Republican AGs and DAs should get creative...Two wrongs donโ€™t make it right, but it makes it even.'-@mrddmia "

@CarpeDonktum: "If you traveled back in time to ancient Rome, you would find 'Dont forget. Optimates vote on Saturday, and Populares vote on Sunday.' written on papyrus.

Jokes are now criminal."

Well, the trannies got into the Tennessee State House, but nah, that's not an insurrection! That's a love-in with unicorns, rainbows and love. Even though they hate your guts for passing legislation so the freaks can't give their kids hormones and puberty blockers and those horrific surgeries.

The sage of Austin...

@iowahawkblog: "If someone is so fucking completely stupid they think they can vote by text, they deserve to lose their franchise

>@esaagar: 'This verdict is chilling for speech online. Mackeyโ€™s only crime was making a meme that *may* have fooled some Hillary voters. For that crime the Biden DOJ brought charges against him their first week in office and have set a horrifying precedent for the future "

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