Thread: THE BIDEN ASTERISK PRESIDENCY IS A CHAOS MACHINE. The Biden Administration's first 100 Days will go down in history- AS AN AMERICAN DISASTER.
From The Border Crisis to the CCP's drubbing of American Diplomats in Alaska this genuine crisis in confidence is only going to deepen as time marches on.
President Trump's 4 years stood out in bright contrast to Obama's dismal & dingy eight, by 2022 compared to ONE YEAR of Biden, Trump will SHINE like a Supernova.

On all sides we are being hammered by doubt, derision & bad faith arguments designed to sap our will & destroy our spirit.
What spirit?
Everyone knows the Mainstream Media no longer provides the public news, but instead use the COVER of being News Outlets to PUSH people in directions desirable to those who own & pay them.
Directions that are usually not in the interests of the American People.
Which is why we've come to hate the Media.
After Nov. 3rd it now X 10 in intensity

On YouTube, Facebook & other Social Media Platforms the Tech Billionaires are exerting a slow but steady pressure designed to curtail, sabotage & then remove all New Media Sites & Outlets like Tracy Beanz's UNCOVER DC or Tim Pool's IRL Podcast.
You are to "draw your informational Water" from the Wells provided by BIG BROTHER only.
They are trying to force Americans to CIRCLE BACK to Old Media before it dies of neglect.
I predict it won't work, but we're in for a time of TRIAL & FAILURE.

If people are beginning to think the (STOLEN) election of Joe Biden & (up til today) the inability to LEGALLY expose & reverse it was the opening of Pandora's Box on Red States, I submit the election of Donald Trump in 2016 was US releasing the Genie from the Bottle.
The Left can't control the internet or force the hearts & minds of millions of patriotic Americans to bend their knees to their insane vision of a NU AMERICA.

Right now 99% of Americans have NO IDEA what's actually happening.
We are being DELUGED by a Tsunami of Lies & Disinformation 400 (FAKE) Stories high.
I've come to accept this=The WAR on America is being fought by BOTH SIDES covertly.
The CCP & their Allied States as well as their Domestic Agents, both willing & compromised began a literal WAR on the United States in the late 90's.
A War they intended to win without firing a shot.

That WAR took the USSR's slow seventy year march thru our Institutions, refined & LASER FOCUSED it speeding up the corruption & control of key individuals, departments & INDUSTRIES in America.
As the CULTURE was corroded by the MEDIA & NEWS was used to drive us into fearful, insane Serfs ripe for their Cages.
Divided, dependent, emotionally raped & mentally broken.
That's been the goal all along.
To ruin us on every level.
To STOP what is coming.

The Hong Kong vs the NBA?
People were stunned at first as the level of WEIRD un-Americanism on display.
But no, look at all the Blue States & realize this divisive & toxic MINDSET has been around for decades on American Soil.
I've covered the BLM & ANTIFA Riots ad nauseum.
We all know about the Commies in Portland & Seattle currently ruining the Pacific Northwest.
What we didn't know about were the Corporate Fascists.
Trump's Campaign for 2020 PULLED THEM INTO THE LIGHT.

The TIMES Article "The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election" is a MUST READ.
Is this simply pure hubris on the part of the NAZIS (Corporate Fascists) & the COMMIES (Marxist Street Muscle) who came together in an AXIS to move DIE WELT to the Left by seizing power to deny what I'm calling the Trump Effect?
Or was this Trump's Judas Goats cluing US in on HOW it happened & **most importantly** WHO fortified the Election for the "proper outcome."

Trump mentioned some "very rich & very STUPID people" were driving the Riots & a LOT MORE that's plaguing (<---See what I did there?) America right now.
The TIMES Article YANKS them into view.
Whether it was hubris or an unmasking, the result will be the same.
Because many may not realize it now but four years of PRESIDENT Trump **immunized** Americans against the Bizarro-World they're now trying to create & then FORCE us to live in.


Stop with the hopelessness. Brent just TOLD you they are trying to demoralize us. That's why he, Saul, Brian, Thomas, and SO MANY others continue to write instead of wringing their hands in despair. Crying "We're doomed!" is WORSE than doing nothing at all, as it demoralizes others. So please, if you can't say something hopeful, say nothing at all.

@Daisygirlx7 @tbennett
1/2 of these Doomers are Political Operatives POSING as Trump Supporters.
Of that 50% half of those are Foreigners POSING as Americans.

Well shoot,
If I'd known that, I wouldn't have been half as nice 🤣
Thanks for for heads up - I will ignore them in the future. Or even better...

@Daisygirlx7 —I was just about to do that to someone the other day after I had posted an article from the Epoch Times. Those Doom & Gloom types work my nerves.

We may be down but we’re not out. We’re a nation of Rocky Balboas.🥊🇺🇸

@DuaneCates @tbennett

"Work my nerves". Exactly! And now to find out they're paid to do it! It's actually a great comfort. These doomsdayers aren't even real! If someone has to PAY people to do this, there is even more reason to be hopeful! @DuaneCates @tbennett

@Daisygirlx7 @DuaneCates @tbennett

all the doomers have default avatars and are also anti-vax. it's not even original anymore

@tbennett @DuaneCates @Daisygirlx7 @ThomasWic

How about YOU engage with facts, rather than lob mindless defeatist rantscdevoid of substance?

Fact: you have no idea what you are talking about.

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