TY Dr Rand Paul for crossing that Rubicon & exposing NIH & Dr. Fauci.

Now they are all clamoring to "help" find the culprits.

NIH & Harvard were HIP DEEP in funding & ENABLING that Level 4 Laboratory in Wuhan

The Gulf Arabs provide TRILLIONS in weapon development.

We have nothing comparable to offer, especially since so many American politicians are Jew-haters.

One way Trump made sure that the US State Department could no longer meddle in the affairs of others was by weakening our leverage.

The State Department is behind every single modern-day debacle in the Middle East. They needed to be neutered.

Now they are.

And that's a good thing.


For the record:

My name is Steven Lawrence. Douglas is my middle name. I used that handle on Twitter (and a fake AI pic) as an anti-doxxing measure.

Mainly I didn't want the university I work for harassed by nasty little lefty-locusts and other creepy crawlers because of me.

Now that's not an issue. F*** those people. Come and get me, bitches.


Steven Douglas Lawrence

@zanneslaw: "First rule of Zoom court:

Always make sure your screen name is your ACTUAL name.

๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ญ [video]"


(H/T @RealSaavedra RT )

IDF chief of staff is reportedly requesting another 2,000 reservists. A total of 9,000 reserve soldiers are being called up by Israel.

As the Pentagon withdraws 120 US military and civilians from Israel.

Meanwhile, Al-Qassam claims they have started to use Sejjil rockets in the latest attack on Beer Sheva... and there are reports that Hamas has started to use suicide drones to attack border communities in southern Israel.

Contrast this with 6 months ago.

@Lolosmom @EarlThePearls

Love the music choices. I'm not admitted yet.

I'm turning in soon as I'm back to to Gate 1 early tomorrow morning to meet with the doctor again. He was in surgery by the time I got finished with a lot of paperwork, a few more tests and two CT scans.

Any day now, hopefully tomorrow, we'll see.

Since this is being mentioned now, it leads me to think they may be going through the boxes which were previously opened for the other "audits".

Depending on how those were conducted, and the Chain of Custody for them, this may not be an issue.

Or it's a massive fucking problem. I don't see a little of middle ground on this one.

A Jewish man was just lynched in Jaffa by the suffering Pals. He's in critical condition. In other news, Pal teens just destroyed a synogogue in Lod by torching it. I have lost any sympathy I might have had for the Pals after seeing this.


@BlkLdyPatriot @MMA

That is exactly why I carry and have loaded weapons in my home. I have a stalker ex. It is impossible to get a restraining order on this man. He is very wily and cunning, he lies to cops and everyone and tries to make me look like I'm the crazy one. He harassed me for years after I divorced him, even breaking in my house.

After this, I WAS finally able to get a 2 yr PO as part of his plea deal, but I couldn't get it renewed. After it was up, he started again.

@nzpete54 @Daisygirlx7 @ThomasWic

Ocular migraine. Those crazy wavy lines are called scintillating scotoma.

American Medical Association Embraces Critical Race Theory, Rejects Meritocracy


Does this mean all white doctors and nurses will be terminated? Does this mean whites will be denied medical treatment?

I'm the only member of my family who isn't a hysterical hypochondriac.

This helps me deal with medical crises.

It's ghastly dealing with people who can;'t be reached.

Not only are my family hypochondriacs, they have to EXPRESS their panic.

Note that I didn't liveblog my visual migraine.


I'm always deeply grateful when issues turn out to be minor.

Hypochondriacs totally lack gratitude.

Too many roads lead to bitterness.

And bitterness is fatal.


The conversation is about ISRAEL'S actions.

The fact that Hamas commits unambiguous war crimes on a mass scale is ignored.

Funnily enough, without Trump, Twitter is a pale shadow of its former self. Even Israeli air strikes can't garner more that a few people talking.

When I was on Twitter, my tweets defending Israel were at the center of social media.

Nobody took my place.

There isn't really much to say anymore, given the Arab-Israeli peace treaties.

Hamas is obsolete.

All it took was giving them the power to implement their ideas.

The inevitable backlash will be catastrophic for leftism.

I was listening to an idiot on the radio claiming that the way Liz Cheney was treated was wrong.

He of course ignored her savage attacks on Trump SUPPORTERS.

The dynamic is identical to what's happening right now in Israel. We're supposed to ignore the largest barrages of rockets and missile ever fired at a civilian population.

The statue honors "African culture," which is like trying to build a single statue that honors "Asian culture."

Africa is a CONTINENT.

Egyptian culture has nothing whatsoever to do with Bushman culture.

The plan--really--is to have the statue play recordings of black celebrities telling your fortune.

Obviously Sanford Biggers is a nihilist pranking the world.

I think all of this is great. Woke culture is destroying itself.


There are pratfalls, and then there are PRATFALLS.

Sanford Biggers's new statue "Oracle" at Rockefeller Center is a PRATFALL.

It manages to look uglier from whichever angle you choose.

In this photo, it looks cross eyed.

Heโ€™s got a point
Scott Adams daring the bird to cancel him is peak hilarity....

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