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Taliban's underground tunnel, which they use to explode the bases of Kabul admin troops across the country.

In recent days, Taliban blown up an ANA base in Zabul province, where at least 150 troops were based to fight the Taliban in the same province.

Biden Sex Tape
CCP just dumped a Biden sex tape on the darknet. The timing of the release of the video should be noted. Just ten days before the election.

Charlie Hebdo magazine beamed onto a building in France tonight as people refuse to bow down to Islam.

Iran are currently conducting an Air Defense Exercise called "Modafeane Asmane Velayat 99" over half the country, between the 21st (today) and the 24th October. Both the Army and IRGC will take part. Earlier today a Khordad SAM System was fired as part of this exercise.

Two Muslim women were 'stabbed repeatedly' under the Eiffel Tower amid rising tensions in Paris after the beheading of a teacher last week. French police have arrested two female suspects after an argument about dogs allegedly descended into violence and racist insults including the words 'Dirty Arabs'. One of the Muslim women said the attackers had pulled out a knife after refusing to put their dogs on a leash and slashed her on the skull, arm and ribs.

With tensions rising in France over caricatures of Muhammad someone last night when across Paris putting up posters of Muhammad's ass.

New Filings in George Floyd Case: The judge in the George Floyd case approved the release of police body cam video from a 2019 arrest. The defense is alleging that Floyd ingested drugs in an attempt to avoid the arrest.

US Alliance to Counter China, but Is There a Weak Link?
A new alliance is forming to counter a rising Communist China, lead by the US, Japan, Australia, and India—the Quad, or Quadrilateral Security Dialogue.

It was first proposed by Japan's former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, but never went anywhere because of pressure from the Chinese Communist Party. But in a post coronavirus world, where

The head of the Israeli delegation to Bahrain, the head of the National Security Council, Meir Ben Shabbat, delivers a speech at the airport in Manama and meets with the Bahraini Foreign Minister and the US Treasury.

Saudi Arabia supports normalization of relations with Israel. ISIS tonight is calling on its operatives in the West to strike at symbols of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

Twitter statement from my friends over that the NCRI/PMOI/MEK. They are the only group that can end the terrorist Mullahs. If they take back Iran, they can help us fight China.

The Iranian portal Azariha writes that according to unofficial data, militants are being transferred from Afghanistan to Azerbaijan.

🇮🇷 Azariha on October 15, 2020:
— "Unofficial news indicates that militants from Afghanistan are being sent to the Republic of Baku.

The origin of flights is, as usual, Bagram base, which belongs to the US Army

More than 4,000 Syrian terrorists are present in the Republic of Baku

Source: Revolutionary Guards Cyber Corps"

"There has been a siginficant increase in USAF (United States Air Force) activity in Iraq and Afghanistan in the past 48 hours.

More than 30 USAF planes were seen on flight radars around Iran. These aircraft included troop-transport aircrafts and heavy bombers.

Let’s hope the Americans won’t make some sort of stupid mistake, because they’ll regret it.' -Telegram Mullah supporter channel.

Fuck those guys....

Bushehr civil registration site was hacked, cracked and bitch smacked. 😂

Philip Anderson, a free speech rally leader, punched by counter protester and pushed back into barricaded area at UN Plaza in SF. Rally has not started yet.

Trump supporters reportedly attacked by ANTIFA in San Francisco; evacuated from the scene in SFPD vans; at least 12 injured.

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