In order to achieve a free Iran, we should support the great march of Iranians on June 21 in Washington.
More than 40 years’ religious dictatorship ruling in Iran, had brought disastrous results for Iranian people also to the region a

Terroristic threats against the Shakira concert in Saudi Arabia. @TwitterSupport does nothing.

Picture of the United States MQ-4C Triton drone that was shot down over the Strait of Hormuz.

Houthi Rebels last night launched an attack against a Saudi power plant. According 2 Locos sources the rocket was supplied by the Iranian Quds Force.

Iranian Proxie just attack a Saudi Arabia Power Plant
Reports are still coming in, but locals are claiming a rocket, supplied to the Houthi Rebels by the Quds(IR) is responsible for the attacks

IRAN: Retirees in Tehran Protest in Front of the Parliament
By Shamsi Saadati Iranian retirees held a protest outside the Iranian regime’s Majlis (Parliament) in Tehran on Tuesday over inadequate pensions. It was the second

Germany’s Chancellor Merkel: There’s ‘Strong Evidence’ Iran Regime Carried out Tanker Attacks
By Mahmoud Hakamian German Chancellor Angela Merkel said there is “strong evidence” supporting a U.S. accusation that the Iranian regime was behind last week’s attacks

Another picture from the Iranian attack 1 American troops in Iraq.

Where is the precise location of the attack by the Iranian IRGC.

I'm coming across multiple reports of the Iranian regime launching missile attacks against American troops in Mosul Iraq.

Deaths in Iran’s notorious prisons on the rise
By Dr. Majid Rafizadeh Iranian President Hassan Rouhani continues to project himself as a defender of human and women’s rights, while evidence on the

Shahin Gobadi :"The Iranians have had enough of the current diabolical regime. It is time for the Western world to take action against this.That is why we also chose Brussels as the starting point for a series of demonstrations. It is the heart of Europe

: Islamic Emirate forces launched large scale operations against militias in Kunar and Noristan provinces.

Strategic Korangal and Kordal valleys are completely cleared, some leaders of Daesh surrender to the US..

A look into the smuggling operations carried out by the Iranian regime in the Balochistan area.

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