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Islamic State Wilayah Pakistan (ISPP) claims responsibility for gun attack targeting Pakistani police patrol in Mastung, Balochistan at Shirin Ab Road. Attack has been independently confirmed and at least two policemen were seriously wounded.

Police have made a cordon to protect the Serbian parliament building, as tensions rise at today's protest in the Belgrade.

Here's a glimpse of the atmosphere at today's protest in the Serbian capital.Our journalists are at the front lines of tonight's protest against the Serbian government's handling of the crisis. Here's what it looks like from their point of view.

America First Candidates
List of America first candidates either endorsed by Numbers USA or broadly America first

America First candidates

List of America first candidates either endorsed by Numbers USA or broadly America first

• Danielle Stella MN 5
Next Election on August 11th 2020

• George Buck FL 13
Next Election on August 18th 2020

• Lauren Witzke Senate from DE
Next Election on September 15th 2020

Protesters have arrived in front of the national assembly in Mali.

How are people reacting in Turkey and abroad to a possible court ruling against the 1934 conversion of Hagia Sophia into a museum?

Iranian channels affiliated with the Iranian opposition claim that this is the base of the Revolutionary Guards in western Tehran where the explosions were heard last night.
One of the new versions talks about an experiment of an Iranian air defense system carried out. This is the base for Iranian air defense systems.

Once again big Tech attempt to silence me. The reason I report on conflicts around the world is to help people make informed decisions in an effort to help keep people safe regardless of what they look like...

Hate crimes against caucasians are escalating at an alarming rate in America.

The Youth of today have been radicalized by our liberal school systems. But not my son...he was home-schooled.

The Iranian news agency released a video showing a man speaking to the news agency saying there were no explosions and electricity. What do they have to hide?

The IRGC missile depot was attacked in the west of Tehran and was completely destroyed.

It is definitely clear that is definitely a communist political party the moment they are endorsed by the Chinese.

Internet disruption in

"... indications of international incident origin" is quite interesting considering the recent explosions seen in the Natanz nuclear sites & other locations across the country.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.