Realize how blessed we are in the U.S.!

The good people of France are doing it the hard way, day by day, street by street, vest by vest. End results are still unclear.

Venezuelans have gone through raw misery but are pulling it out of the crapper. They will be helped.

We are STILL able to do it as a nation of laws. PDJT enables prosperity while at the same time Draining the Swamp!

What a rare circumstance in the affairs of men. We are so very privileged to witness and be part.

It is interesting that while Socialism is gaining steam in the US, we are watching a socialism regime collapse.
The communists behind the US socialist movement must be hating it that young people are watching.


@RobynKurek ~ Sadly, I don't think the 'pro-socialists' actually connect the dots on Venezuela. They were not taught the differences/mechanics of government.

"Socialism" just sounds so great for those on the bottom rungs and habituated to INSTANT everything. The paying-the-dues part of life is not part of their thinking.

It's the string-pullers who benefit from the puppets. The puppets just bob along and parrot their lines.

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