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So check this out.

NBC's Andy Lack, who Trump HATES, was in 2015 made CEO of the Broadcasting Board of Governors. GOOD LORD.

From 2015 onwards, the Beijing regime became more and more entrenched in US media. Lack = corrupt, seditious Hack.

I'm now more convinced than ever that the hammer will come down on FakeNews, as well as Obama admin crooks


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Dutch forklift driver laughs contemptuously at toilet-paper hoarders as he shows you how much TP there is in just ONE warehouse.


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"I can no longer be silent...I was ordered by my (Obama admin.) superiors at the Department of Homeland Security to delete or modify several hundred records of individuals tied to designated Islamist terror groups like Hamas," Philip Haney wrote in 2016:


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Hats off to this brave woman.

Ms. Sho'le Pakravan, the mother of Reyhaneh Jabari, joining Iranians in Berlin holding a ceremony in memory of civilians killed by security forces during Iran's November uprising.

Reyhaneh was executed for defending herself against a regime agent who intended to rape her.

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The Iranian regime is bracing itself for fresh nationwide protests following widespread calls for commemoration ceremonies for protesters killed during the last round of protests in November.


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"Reports indicate that internet access has been disrupted in the provinces of Tehran, Khuzestan, Alborz, Isfahan, Lorestan, Kurdistan, Kermanshah, Zanjan, Bushehr, and other locations. Authorities have also disrupted some mobile networks."


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I may have to try and rejoin as 'Wrecks' or something.

Just to join the fun as the libturds house is burned to the ground. BIGLY.

And to promote QV as twatter immolates.

What think u. Mmmm?

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Thing is this.

Talent is talent. Quality is quality.

People gravitate to it. It's magnetic.

Thomas is unique. He's the first great storyteller of social media. A digital Hemingway, if you will.

I'm not kidding BTW.

This is something I've been trying to point out for 2 years now.

Remember: you were there when Tom started. Don't forget!

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BOJO kicks butt.

What an absolute thrashing. And a great result for the UK. Bye bye EU, not nice to know you.

And of course the liberal tears just keep flowing.

Honestly they are now beyond hilarious. Their inability to understand what's going on is pitiful and embarrassing.


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Interesting to see Ben Rhodes
describe the as a "massive defeat."

-Question: What's it to you, Ben?

-This obviously shows Rhodes rooting for Corbyn (in line with 's regime).

-My take:
If Rhodes is unhappy, it's a good thing.


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Winning without war.


Ultimately Trump is inspiring us to improve ourselves. He continuously shines a light on greed, hatred, delusion.

We are rediscovering greatness and winning and the goodness of it. We have moments of peace within ourselves. Without war.

At Trump rallies people are happy.

Melania’s Project is ‘Be Best’

Trump said “Truth is a force of nature”.

Thomas your threads are clear drops of water washing away confusion and ignorance.

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(1) A year ago almost to the date (29 April 2018) I started a conversation about the "Deep State" that Twitter saw fit to interrupt.

Let's start it again.

Few expressions are so misused in our ever so limited political lexicon.

Indeed, it's increasingly difficult to divine the intended meaning anymore.

Whatever group someone dislikes, it gets so labeled and on they go.

So let’s define what it is we mean by "Deep State" before we go any further lest the conspiratorial crowd get too excited.

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This is a day when I am especially grateful and aware regarding how much has already been accomplished in destroying the networks and power of the corrupt left.

Comey and company scream and posture and make fools of themselves, but they have no power.

They can no longer destroy lives with impunity. Too many of their minions are still making mischief, but even they are growing fewer in number.

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1. Most don't understand what's at stake.

There is a subversive army of globalist ideologues within, seeking to destroy the American nation state.

We know who they are. They don't regard themselves as 'American'. In fact, they don't even believe in national sovereignty, or borders. They despise the idea and seek to replace it with a utopian global system.

We must be honest about the danger. Their assault is well thought out, prepared and targeted.


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This a real low point in our culture, artistically and socially.

But we'll bounce back.

In his second term, trump will utterly transform the education system.

You can bet that the groundwork has already been laid.

In the meantime, I watch old stuff.

It's just funnier.


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