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Press secretary statement on declassification!
"At the request of a number of committees of Congress, and for reasons of transparency, the President has directed the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Department of Justice (including the FBI) to provide for the immediate declassification of the following materials:


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Why is it I don't hear cries of woe: "Stop the slaughter of Muslims."?

The systematic murder of hundress of thousands at the hands of Myanmar Buddhists and Chinacoms has everybody totalky unconcerned.

It is as if the Rohyinga and the Uyghurs were not human. No pictures of their slaughtered children. No screams for their right of return to their homeland.

No calls for "humanitarian intervention."


Hypocrytes all.
No flowers at their mass graves.

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FakeNews in Australia is still pushing the vile Kavanaugh smear. Disgraceful in every way.

Give 'em hell in replies on twatter.

h/t 'Skippy' (hope he joins QV soon)


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@REX @drawandstrike

Brian is the reason I read the Epoch Times every day. Only newspaper worth reading.

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Blocking a Conservative channel LITERALLY CALLED "Rightside Broadcasting" is going to look amazing in any legal or committee document.

See, with a channel like "The Amazing Lucas", you would have to explain that he's a Conservative and give an example of his stance and views to sort of prove it. It's not immediately apparent why that channel would be relevant.

From the NAME ALONE, the blocking of Right side Broadcasting tells you everything.

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To recap:

Al-Qaeda has turned against Iran, but "al-Qaeda" in Syria is involved in elaborate kabuki that will prevent another Iraq.

Trump may be the only American political leader who would agree to this astonishing strategic deception.

After all, Trump has carried out his own strategic deception for at least 40 years. He knows that it works.

Be happy. We're going to get the world we always wanted.


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Here's the most important line in that Reuters article:

"Six Mossad officers - four men and two women - received Tuesday’s prize for leading the mission, which also involved 'hundreds' of others, the intelligence agency’s director, Joseph (Yossi) Cohen, told an international security forum this week."

Those hundreds of others were Iranians.

Mossad is good, six Israelis could not have removed over a ton of documents from a secret warehouse.

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Great thread by Brian @drawandstrike

Many of us have been sweating on this for ages. It's tough because normies just don't get it.

And when you HAVE got it since say mid 2017, it's even tougher. How is it that my friends and family don't understand?

Well, they don't. But they're busy, too. And perhaps don't have the smarts to see what"s at stake.

YOU DO. Take comfort from that. And be kind when it all comes out.


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We're getting closer.

I'm thinking Pientka's 302 is going to differ from the one McCabe/Strzok used to frame General Flynn.

And that even if Judge Sullivan doesn't come through, the truth will. So, we wait.


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6. America was attacked on 9/11.

But it almost fell in 2008-2016.

Then America gave us POTUS Trump, who has our back.

Today, I mourn for the past, but am hopeful for the future.

The end.

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5. Much of what we see these days is the final writhing of a malign ideology, that Obama and his gang tried to foist on America.

He failed. The Democratic Party started burning under Obama in in 2012/14.

Many don't understand that the destruction of the Dems we are witnessing is directly related to Obama and what he did.

24/7, we see his disastrous legacy.

Perhaps on this sad day we can reflect that in 2019, we are at least starting to see the start of the end of Obama's virus.

I hope so.

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Points well made but I think the mullahs are on their knees economically. They'd be seriously worried. Dictators know that once the money runs out, they can't bribe the population or military. Then it's swinging from lamposts time.

NK - they actually have closed their main nuke sites and haven't fired a long range ICBM in years.

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Not yet. IMO Trump's eyeing a resolution to Korean Peninsula in 2nd term once China is weakened (that's started).

MidEast - Trump has successfully created a Saudi, Israel and US alliance, against Iran. That alliance is in play and is pretty damn amazing.

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@shem_infinite @ThomasWic @Seedsaver
They are going to lose EVERYTHING they lied, cheated & connived for.Trump is providing THE WORLD a bitter Truth=
The Road to Hell is NOT paved with Good intentions.
Whoever said that was a Demonic Asshole.
The Road to Hell is paved with BAD DESIRES.
The Left's Intentions are NOT Honest & wanting the WRONG THINGS it's going to become IMPOSSIBLE for THEM to flourish in the America Trump is Heralding in.

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@ThomasWic @HunDriverWidow Mattis drew the media idiots in with some mild criticism of his disagreements with Trump, then DROPPED A MOAB ON OBAMA.

When the media realized what Mattis book says about Obama, they ran away as fast as they could.

I'll bet the evidence proving the Mullah's ordered the bombing will come out.

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Brian is telling the ‘but, nothings happening’ crowd to go back and READ Epoch Times articles.

Media? We don’t need no stinkin media.

Crossfire Hurricane


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In Erdogan's Turkey, if you are the democratically elected Mayor of Istanbul (after dealing Erdogan an ass-crushing defeat by nearly one million votes), and support the democratically elected Mayors in other towns, you are an enemy of the state.

Erdogan's desperation shows. He is increasingly isolated. This will not be pretty.


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“CNN did not start lying with , but way before:

"I saw first-hand that these regime claims were lies, and I couldn’t believe was making me put what I knew to be [] government lies into my reporting."

– Amber Lyon t.co/xIYZNEZccu

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Thread —

80 years ago, 9/1/1939, Hitler’s army invaded Poland, triggering WWII.

My husband’s GP from his upstate NY hometown, with a mostly Catholic-Polish population, was Dr. Michael Temchin — a Jewish Pole from Pinsk.

He miraculously escaped a deportation by jumping out of the train into the Polish forest...nighttime, dead of winter.

He only learned later that the train was headed to the Sobibor death camp. He was the only survivor of that transport to extinction of over 1,000.

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