Thread. Trump and Oz.
I haven't watched any Trump interview/speech/rally since Jan 20th, when Ho Biden took office.

For no reason, other than Trump is out.

I've been loosely following Trump since the early 80's, and wanted him to run for POTUS since 1993. So, you can imagine how ecstatic I was in 2015, when he announced. My sister, who knew I loved Trump, called me up that day, and said "Your boy is running!" I told her, "Game over. He will win!" I couldn't stop laughing, I was so happy.

My sister, a Leftist, voted for Trumpin both 2016 and 2020 because she trusted me.

Oprah gave Oz his big break. If someone was willing to give you such a break, would you take it, or leave it?

I loved Oprah until she chose "Fundamental Change" Obama in 2008. To me, that was a traitorous decision. To her, it was the first black president. I parted ways with her.

I was shocked when I found out Trump had been a Democrat. For all the years I followed him, his ideas, and way of thinking are not that of the Schumer/Pelosi/Dem mould. I chalked it up to deep blue NYC.

I don't love Oz. I don't really have a solid reason to distrust him. Only reason I quit paying attention to him is, if I kept listening to his medical advice, I would have to quit doing everything I enjoy in life, just to live longer. Fk that! 😂 ENJOYING life is more important to me than how long I live.

Trump is out of office now. He has more time to THINK, strategize, and evaluate candidates. He has a good, WINNING track record. He has a history with both Oprah and Oz. He knows Oz better than any of us do. He has more information than we do. Oz is no DC Swamp viper, politician. He is an amateur in that field.


"Trump is out of office now. He has more time to THINK, strategize, and evaluate candidates."

More than that, for me. Beyond invaluable, he has been on the field, experienced how it operates firsthand.

Trump is a benevolent leader. The man is unrelentingly America First!

Trump also understands human frailties.

I don't think he will run in 2024. Trump's power lies in picking who sits on the throne.


I would actually be surprised - VERY surprised - if Trump did not run in 2024. He's been teasing (as in, practically screaming) that he will be.

"Never, ever give up, never surrender, never give in."

"I will never, ever let you down."

Both can be taken in different ways, all of which make perfect sense, but my intuition tells me that while Trump is NOT averse to strategic retreats (e.g., 2020), he doesn't have a towel to throw in.

Trump is The Art of The Comeback personified.


"If you don't like the heat, stay out of the kitchen."

I despise Truman, but he nailed that one.

For me, one of Trump's finest accomplishments - which has caused SO much controversy and discomfort on all sides (globally even) was the DELIBERATE AND UNPRECEDENTED raising of the heat in the political kitchen.

"TOO MUCH LIGHT (HEAT - CHAOS)!!! You can attract more bees with honey…"

They're fucking murder hornets. And we would NOT have seen them flushed out [swarm] without Trump.


@StevenDouglas @Janeod2013

Oh, he's running alright! He is the MAGA King, after all. ⚔️

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