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During an interview on CNN, Don Lemon brings up the need for slave reparations from the royal family. His guest,a Royal commentator says, Yes, people should be demanding reparations… from the African leaders who sold them into slavery..

This gal sums up the response to all the Reparations lunacy in a short 45 seconds which places the buck where it should be..

Gov. Ron DeSantis’s manhandling of pretty much all of the American left these past two years has been must-watch political theater. From the moment that he opted to offer freedom to the citizens of his state rather than become a COVID panic porn fascist, he’s been triggering Democratic politicians and the false narrative smear merchants in the mainstream media.

Much to the delight of those of us who are DeSantis fans, the idiots on the left keep coming back for more.


@julie_kelly2: "Imagine going to Quantico so you can steal the cell phone of a pillow salesman in the Hardee’s drive thru because the president is so insecure and petulant that he wants everyone punished for refusing to support him"



Biden May Buy Oil Just Below $80; Democrats Stymied Trump at $24

So in March of '20, during the pandemic, Trump looked to stabilize the oil industry while fully replenishing the Strategic Oil Reserve...and a bargain-basement price of $24/barrel. Dems blocked it, calling the move a 'Bailout for Big Oil'..

And here we are now...after Biden's drained the remains of the reserve in cheap political chicanery, he wants to refill it at 3x the price..

Bastard. 😠


My latest on Substack, discussing the government's motion for a stay pending appeal in the Mar-a-Lago documents matter, etc.

Which Is To Be Master --That's All
by Dar ul Harb, Esq.



People don't realize how Government works.

A Designation gives Agencies Authorization for Justified acts against designees.

Now if you were a Terrorist, what do you think that means coming from the United States President ?
Is everyone still laughing at Joe's words?

I'm not. And I'll guaran damn tee you tens of thousands of former Terrorists Hunters aren't laughing either.


Fetterman is running a Biden Campaign.

The guy who's all bluster when going after an unarmed black man with a pick-up and a shotgun doesn't have the balls to confront his rival in front of an audience.

All bullies are, in the end, pussies.

If she glued contact lenses as irises to her eyelids, Black Shirley Temple could totally beat Peter Doocey in a staring contest.

As with all government agencies, the FBI tries to avoid scrutiny and cover up its failures. But its long history of abuse, immense power, and unique ability to resist independent oversight makes its attacks on those who question it even more disturbing. The media and the American public should not be fooled and elected representatives should not be intimidated. They need to hold the FBI accountable and demand transparency.


Governor Youngkin on Virginia being tied to California's vehicle laws.

Here's some fake bullshit that I wish wasn't fake. The best they can do is shoot for a de facto Bill of Attainder in the courts of public opinion. As they self-indict.

I agree with Czech President Milos Zeman that "green madness," caused the energy crisis and that banning cars with an internal combustion engine will only lead to worse problems. He is totally correct. Green madness over a problem invented by leftists is the stupidest policy when we have more pressing problems like the economy tanking and the GDP falling.


"iF mY sTuDeNt LoAns wErE FoRgiVin, I wOulD bUy a HoUsE, a cAr, a-"

LOL, no you won't. You won't change your behavior one bit 🙄

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