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Israel was very respectful & nice to Rep. Rashida Tlaib, allowing her permission to visit her “grandmother.” As soon as she was granted permission, she grandstanded & loudly proclaimed she would not visit Israel. Could this possibly have been a setup? Israel acted appropriately!

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Can you imagine Clinton as POTUS, with Iran, China and perhaps Russia holding yhe leverage of her emails over her?

Good grief.

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At some point, almost everyone will reveal their limitations.

If you expect it, you can brush them aside and keep moving forward.

For Trump to be successful, he has to FOOL everybody.

People expect Trump to say publicly, "I'm only pretending to do this in order to trick the Democrats."


Sun Tzu said that the prudent commander hides his plans from even his own officers.

Either one has faith in Trump or one doesn't.

It's binary.

The cops wrote down my medications and the name of my doctor.

The REASON I volunteered to show them is that I knew it would reassure them that I'm matter-of-fact about my mental illness.

I can discuss it without losing control.

They asked me how I made my living, and I told them that I'm an investor.

We discussed closed-end mutual funds, which they ALSO wrote down.

Then they said they would close my case.

It fired the .30-06 round, which is so powerful that it will blow a human body to pieces.

The cops wrote down everything I said.

I asked them if showing them my medications would help.

They said it would help immensely.

So--holding the door open with my foot so they could see--I got my pill bottles from the counter.

They had come to the back door, not the front.

I actually take TWO MORE now.

I explained that my father converted a Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) into a carbine with 30-round magazines that he made himself.

The shortened BAR fit into the space between the two front seats. My father was able to pull out the carbine and fire in about two seconds.

My father's version was shorter than this one, and it was fully automatic.

"What happened to the murderers?" the cops asked.

"Nothing," I said.

"Well, I don't believe THAT," the female cops said, very snottily. "Venezuela has laws. How could people just commit murder out in the open and not get arrested?"

She was TESTING me.

Good cop, bad cop.

So I didn't get angry.

I explained that the Dirección General de Policía (DIGEPOL) was a mafia that murdered people themselves.

They had to be bribed or killed.

The cops asked me about the 2015 tweet, and I explained that I was getting death threats from Islamists, Nazis, and leftists, so I wanted to make sure that they knew I was armed.

They asked me about my mental illness.

I explained that I have PTSD stemming from a childhood in lawless Venezuela. I'd seen people murdered at close range.

In one case, the vitreous humor from a man's eyeball sprayed into my mouth.

The cops showed me two tweets I'd written.

One said that leftist craziness wouldn't stop until we saw ASSAILANTS shot to death on live TV, brains and teeth flying everywhere.

The other tweet was from 2015. I posted this photo and said that I take psychotropic medications so that others may live.

The current situation is MORE THREATENING TO YOUR RIGHTS.

A federal red-flag law will allow cops to temporarily take your guns without invoking the utterly inconsistent and abuse-prone state laws.

ONCE AGAIN, let me tell you about how I was evaluated under California's red-flag law after Alyssa Milano made a bogus report on me to the FBI.

Two cops attached to the FBI task force came to my house.

What about STATE LAWS?

Alaska, Colorado, New Hampshire, and Vermont have no laws addressing mental illness and firearms.

Twelve states prohibit only the carrying of concealed weapons.

The THIRTY-FOUR OTHER STATES prohibited the owning of firearms by people involuntarily committed.

So again, you get a virus that makes you irrational, they put you in the psychiatric wing of the hospital, GOODBYE GUNS!

You can lose your guns if you are committed for reasons OTHER THAN PSYCHIATRIC.

Drug and alcohol abuse, for example.

You can lose your guns if you are TEMPORARILY PUT IN THE PSYCHIATRIC WING of a general hospital.

Do you know how many illnesses mimic insanity?

If you get sick and are irrational, and they put you in the psychiatric wing overnight, say goodbye to your guns.


Dear opponents of a federal red-flag law:

Get down on your knees and thank God that this law is going through.

You worry about government overreach?



You're forgetting something:

Trump doesn't need the 2nd Amendment absolutists.

He's more than made up for them among groups that have not traditionally voted for a Republican president.

My guess is that seeing Trump DEFY the 2nd Amendment absolutists will bring even MORE people to his side.

The opposition to a federal red-flag law is not rational. State laws on involuntary psychiatric holds AUTOMATICALLY result in the loss of gun ownership for as long as five years.

I told them that I knew they had to follow up on claims of threats, so I had no resentment.

We shook hands, and that was the end of it.


In the bluest of states, a leftist celebrity activist targeted me under the red-flag law. I have severe mental illness, and I've been banned from Twitter for life making "violent threats."


Dear red-flag law opponents:

You support allowing the cops to put people under a temporary mental-health hold rather than take their guns.

When cops put you under a mental-health hold, YOU ARE THEN NOT ALLOWED TO OWN OR POSSESS GUNS.

In California, it's FIVE YEARS. So if a beat cop orders you to be held for mental evaluation, and you are deemed sane, YOU LOSE YOUR GUNS.

You're not thinking clearly. Your "solution" is worse than the problem.

All, our @phoebedrobinson needs our prayers.

She's beside with her husband at the hospital. They don't yet have a diagnosis.


Just before ObamaGate/SpyGate breaks, another Brennan butt-boy, GOPe cuck Will Hurd, 'abruptly' announces he's not seeking re-election in 2020.

Reminder: like Evan McMuffin, Will Turd is ex-CIA and was anti-Trump from the start. Don't believe me? Here's a fawning article on his own web site, from early 2017, post-inaiguration - about guess who?

John O Brennan.


The good news is that if she's the nominee, Trump will expose her.

A clerk who speaks in a fake baritone voice that makes idiots fall in love.

Don't kid yourself: She hates this country because she's insane.

Anybody who supports her is incapable of critical thinking.

Oh, and f*ck you too, George W. Bush. It's because of YOU that people like ME have to step up and debunk the lies over and over and over.


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