Despite all of the "love" being exuded by the likes of Graham, Collins and the rest of the gang, this is her legacy without words.

@YoungBlood Cremated?

Soon, Gruesome will nominate a rabid Democrat to replace her. Word has it, a "black woman"... but only if Gruesome figures out what a woman is.

Nothing will change.

Great news all around..

Government scrambles to secure US helicopters after retiring Taipan fleet

After seeing one of their crappy MRH-90 Taipan choppers go down, AUS has opted to expedite their buy of US UH-60 Blackhawk choppers to replace their grounded fleet of 48 choppers.

The MRH-90 is a derivative of the EU-made NH-90 intro'd in 2007 but at much higher operating cost than the US UH-60 Blackhawk, intro'd in 1979.

Good sale for us, great chopper for them..

The highly anticipated Huawei Mate60, with the made-in-China chip. ASML can't compare to China's tech, which can grow from 8-core to 12-core overnight!



Last week, Pew Research released a poll that had some very dire findings for America's political establishment. In summary, two-thirds of U.S. adults had little to no confidence in the future of our political system, only 16% said they trust the federal government most or all the time (that high?), a full 30% do not trust either political party (that low?), and a majority supported both age and term limits for politicians (finally, some good news).


Did former President Donald Trump ask then-Assistant Attorney General Jeff Clark’s legal opinion concerning Department of Justice options for addressing voting irregularities in Georgia, or did Clark volunteer his legal analysis on the question without the president’s prompting?

@antonionpellegrini @Jaime @Timmerax @YoungBlood

Saul keeps mentioning this, the dearth of Conservative-owned news outlets.

Maybe “dearth” is putting it too mildly. Maybe “complete lack of” is more like it.

Are there no wealthy Conservative investors??


So at the end of the day, try not to be shocked when most GOP politicians vote to send more aid to ukraine. It's not because they are "muh RINOS", it's just a no brainer to do so. We've given much more to other nations to preserve alliances and we will likely give much more in the future as well. Although the benefits may not be tangible at the moment, they will come eventually. So sit back, relax and stop with the hand wringing


Beard Blather 186

"All Aboard The Fake News Express"

Click baiters and grifters offering themselves as "alternative news" provide neither alternatives nor news. Welcome to emotion driven fleecing.

Thomas Wictor and Saul Montes-Bradley discuss whatever comes to their minds.

Saturday, LIVE
11:00pm Eastern / 8:00pm Pacific


"How BlackRock Conquered the World"
-- James Corbett

"But if, after reading all of this you find yourself looking back over these "Top Institutional Holders" lists and saying: "Hey wait! Who's The Vanguard Group?" . . .

. . . Well then, I'd say you're starting to get it! Good job!

So who is the Vanguard Group? It's an excellent question, and one that I'll be answering in the next edition "



“Nonprofit voter registration” doesn’t sound interesting. Yet nonprofit voter registration, or the use of tax-exempt charitable organizations to conduct and fund voter registration drives, is one of the most important and underreported political scandals of our time.

Nonprofit voter registration, and the get-out-the-vote (GOTV) activities that usually accompany it, have become the heart of a billion-dollar industry in America.


‘Much of today’s homeless dilemma stems from Gov. Ronald Reagan and the Legislature closing state mental health hospitals 56 years ago.’

And just WHO was it that insisted on closing the hospitals????



Concluding the Senate’s court of impeachment, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who presided over the impeachment trial, thanked his staff and made comments to lend guidance to future generations of lawmakers that may have to take up an impeachment proceeding.

Fact-checkers revise narrative on Biden’s role in firing Ukraine prosecutor as new evidence emerges...

" Citing documents uncovered by Just the News, Kessler admitted for the first time that Joe Biden may have “called an audible,” or changed the plan, on the firing of Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin on his way to Kyiv aboard Air Force Two in December 2015. "



Witnesses called by the House Board of Managers have testified under oath that they have no direct evidence against the attorney general.

Ford CEO Jim Farley discusses the industry's electric vehicle push as company's grapple with sluggish demand and consumers' anxiety | Fox Business


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