Recently at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort...

Photo: Jackson local Chris Figenshau

About how I feel after almost 5 months of a hard winter.

"One of them's got nuts. If you need me to tell you which one it is, keep giving your money to Hershey's." 🤣🤣🤣

In an effort to place my ignorance unabashedly on full display, can someone kindly explain why so many leftists have those ridiculous nose rings?

Next week's question will revolve around their wacky hair colors.

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For those of you that upgraded your IPhone to 16.3 Apple snuck in a climate tool for your battery charging.
Go to Settings/battery/battery health and charging…a new switch for “Clean Energy Charging” has appeared default is “on”

Here's a pic of Interstate 80 in SE Wyoming taken two days ago, after Monday's and Tuesday's storm. As of 0700 this morning, still another 9+ hours before the road potentially opens!

We get a little snow in Wyoming.

This really burns my cookies.

"[Wyoming] is the worst place you could possibly put wind farms and it seems like a massive rush to get these things developed as fast as they can."

Love this.

"National Hockey League player Ivan Provorov’s jersey was sold out on several websites in men’s sizes on Thursday after the player did not take part in an LGBTQ event due to his religion earlier in the week."

Merry Belated Christmas moose from God's Country!

When Uncle DK is asked to take a pic with the sister and her kids.

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