Something's cooking with Scaramucci the Exiled Villain dissing Trump in an EXCESSIVELY LOUD, ATTENTION SEEKING manner. We've been here before.

@Cyn_de_Vita @DefiantAmerica
And how delicious is it that-- whatever the Mooch is doing-- it involves Bill Kristol now, too.


@janis @DefiantAmerica

Gaaah, to think I listened to & thought well of Bill Kristol in the past.

@Cyn_de_Vita @DefiantAmerica
Yes, but I can't figure it out. I'm starting to wonder if Scaramucci isn't a barometer; testing the media and their audience to see who will buy this and who sees through it.

@Penn4421 @DefiantAmerica

We'll watch 👀 & see in what direction they lead our attention. 🧐

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