1. The new 007 scriptwriter, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, is everything you'd expect her to be. A globalist, progressive elitist.

The perfect cliche, in fact.

Incredibly rich, entitled, privileged, angry (even she can't work out why) and full of self-loathing, with zero clue about the real world.

It's remarkable how someone so lucky in life, is so ungrateful.

Of course, she LOVES Barack Obama and despises Trump. But you guessed that, right?


And people wonder why these people have no sympathy from Americans ..

F*k every one of these ungrateful aholes.

"Another group stormed the barriers near the building and pulled down an American flag off the flagpole in front of the facility and replaced it with a Mexican flag."



Another funny family story.

You all know that God blessed me with three dads: my Kenyan (bio) Dad, my great-uncle John, and my American Dad, Johnny D.

My & daughter's favorite Muppet show with Stevie & Jonathan Martian...Bring That Thing! ...Bug ..bug.. bug..bug..bug


Speaking of nipping things in the bud. Barney had a point ya know.

HOLY SH*T Did they really do that? It's sea cowboys bustin' water broncs. Watch the Coast Guard break these rogue outlaws. One minute of heart-stopping thrills.


After Microsoft moves its servers back to the USA, German state's privacy commissioner advises schools not to use Office 365

"Actually, what Giuffre said in 2015 (under her maiden name of Virginia Roberts) was that she’d seen Clinton around on the island, directly contradicting Clinton’s claims now."

Vanity Fair: You know who should be worried about Epstein’s photographs? hotair.com/archives/ed-morriss

1. My goodness, Trump's done it AGAIN.

Barry Krischer comes out swinging against Alex Acosta.

And straight into an ambush.


@Cyn_de_Vita As a side note, guess who owns that ship? That would be JP Morgan. It's the 3rd MSC ship caught with cocaine this year.

I should add, ship is in US possession, ownership will go through court .. but it won't be shipping cocaine tonnage any time soon.

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