So liar Blasey-Ford was motivated to derail Kavanaugh mainly because she feared Roe v Wade would be overturned.

They are oblivious to their own evil.

Smear an innocent man so that abortion on demand can continue.


This is the most important thing that was said today.

Too good not to share, although I realize that with this on “here” I’m pretty much just ‘preaching to the choir’...

The Cameron Ortis arrest in Canada appears to be linked to the arrest of a senior detective/cop in Switzerland.

Both arrests are now being reported as linked to Magnitsky & Russian money laundering.

Speculation at this point, but Canada was a conduit through which dirty Russian money was laundered to the Clinton Foundation in 2015, in Uranium One. Was Ortis involved?

Let's see what happens.
Ice abolished in CA not gonna happen according this
Only if the state law grants more rights

Democrats frown on targeting gang databases with 'red flag' laws

@hejoural @stephanieanne @drawandstrike

People need to understand that Beto is one of the best friends the GOP ever had.

Don't get angry at him.

He's increasing the size of the Trump landslide.

Don't forget to take some time away from the daily doings of the SWAMP CREATURES! I just returned from a little slice of Heaven on Earth.....Glacier National Park. Weather was perfect. Mid 70's, crystal clear, chemtrail free blue skies and most importantly....NO FIRES! This was only the second year in park History with no fires and the first since 1964!

Kids went to Iran to demonstrate how some countries got 'a bad rep in the media'.

They flew a drone in Iran without permission.

The mullahs arrested them. So, they found out why Iran has a 'bad rep'. Which is obvious to anyone with a functioning synapse.

And when/if they're ever released? They'll blame America.


This sort of naive, delusional thinking is TAUGHT. These kids never had a chance. Poor souls.

If it wasn't so tragic, it would be almost comical.

Steven Bradley on Twitter, under a Brian Tweet. This smack of perfection.


Here's the most important line in that Reuters article:

"Six Mossad officers - four men and two women - received Tuesday’s prize for leading the mission, which also involved 'hundreds' of others, the intelligence agency’s director, Joseph (Yossi) Cohen, told an international security forum this week."

Those hundreds of others were Iranians.

Mossad is good, six Israelis could not have removed over a ton of documents from a secret warehouse.

Reports indicate the U.S. intends to announce the name (classified to this day) of one of the most important elements behind the 9/11 attacks.

Single payer for 320 million people would amount to:

"Here's an aspirin. Stop whining."
"You're over 55? Tough sh*t. Go home."


For @hbgilmore

I didn't have a good relationship with my parents. They had a lot of problems.

In 1993, I moved in with my brother, two doors down from our parents.



Everyone needs to memorize the following facts:

The Founding Fathers COMMISSIONED a semiautomatic rifle called the Belton Flintlock. It was to be used by the Continental Army.

Therefore, when the Second Amendment was written, the Founders knew fully well that semiautomatic rifles existed and would continue to be improved.

These weapons ARE covered by the Second Amendment.

Well that's not very liberal OR progressive of them now is it? 😂

The left sure talks a good game but they ALWAYS break down where the rubber meets the road! I think more sheep are noticing that in a big way!

Whole Foods to cut health-care benefits for 1,900 part-time employees starting next year

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