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People don't understand the magnitude of what's coming.

They're still thinking really small.

Let me explain what's going to happen.

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(1) A basic characteristic of all forms of Socialism is their irrationality.

The entire edifice is built upon a falsehood. A sophism.

And that sophism is that if a man is in charge of, say, his own factory, he will inevitably exploit his fellow man.


If the same man is in charge of the same factory as a state employee...he will magically transform himself and become a selfless altruist.

The sheer imbecility of the argument cannot be defended by any rational means.

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Shem's such a great guy. Have no fear though.

Please let him know that lightweight cowards like Zaid and his Obama butt-boy buddies such as airhead Asha Rangappa, have walked into their worst nightmare, without realiziing it.

Me and my buddies will enjoy watching their downfall.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.