Saudi A-10 pilots fly at rooftop level.

They obviously have countermeasures that we don't have.

So it's clear that Trump and the Saudis set a trap for the Iranians.

Petraeus is old school. He talks about "deterrence."

You can't deter the mullahs' regime. All you can do is kill the guy running the whole shebang.

Suleimani is irreplaceable.


WW III Iminent, but FIRST.....folks pouring into the streets in IDLIB to celebrate the DEATH of Salami (?), back to WW III.....

"Massive crowds in northern Syria are celebrating the death of Qasem Suleimani by the American attacks last night.
They’re celebrating the end of that bad guy who caused their displacement and killed their children and the lovely ones..."

The way in which that car was turned inside out shows a ferocity that the entire Middle East saw.

They loved it.

Mike Pompeo was CIA director for a while. He has a mind like Trump's.

I'll go back to this video from August 4, 2015.

Hundreds of Emirati tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, and self-propelled artillery APPEARED OUT OF NOWHERE in Aden, southern Yemen.

Not a single person asked how it was done.

And not a single person managed to record it on their cellphones.

The Saudis are masters of strategic deception.

Trump, Pence, and Pompeo are in the same league.

@ThomasWic @Argentum47

Me and other Spygate researchers ended up abandoning a research DM group because that asshole was in it. And here he is, still a year later, selling doom and gloom.

Anybody still listening to him at this point just WANTS to be scared.

There are currently more than 200,000 children living on the streets, sleeping in abandoned buildings, shipping containers or vehicles, and must find work to make ends meet.

Trump removed our troops when THE KURDS told him they were ready.

They had signed an agreement with the Syrian government.

As soon as our troops were out of harm's way, we killed Baghdadi.

THE IRAQIS led us to Baghdadi.

That's incredible. They've never shown such operations security (OPSEC).

So Iraq is not a loss.

We killed several other Islamic State leaders based on intelligence provided by the Syrian Kurds.

These were joint operations.

So obviously the Kurds don't feel that we betrayed them.

By taking the heat, Trump has made himself the most trustworthy president the Middle East has ever seen.

They're convinced now. No other American president would allow himself to be so abused.


Baden is notoriously dishonest.

The rate of hyoid fracture in older men committing suicide by hanging is a minimum of 25 percent.

This study has it at 47 percent.

Since Baden said he hadn't seen one such case in 50 years, that means he's lying.

Why don't they just lock the SCIF door from the outside?

After all, the crooks are assembled in one place, inside. Plus, it would provide amusement.

What a GREAT thread by @SayWhenLA!!! (Commented upon by @CarlosOsweda) —

“Every anti Sessions Tweet by Trump? I imagine Sessions in the room telling him what to say.”

Dan Crenshaw
Warren: I’m the serious policy candidate!

Everyone: So how much will you raise taxes to pay for Medicare For All?

Warren: Just tax the 1%!

Everyone: ...but math.

Warren: Amnesty!

Everyone: 🤔

1 of 2

Watch how Trump's security reacts to the guy with the cell phone.

Left side of screen at the beginning.


Today, we hear that Wall Street has told the Democrats to not nominate Warren.

If Warren is taken out, then we'll know that the nominee will be Harris.

You can say a lot about Biden and Warren, but Harris has blood on her hands. She have illegal-alien career criminals sanctuary.

One of them murdered almost the entire Bologna family.

I can see Trump taking that personally and wanting to demolish her.


If you're wondering how Biden is the frontrunner, despite his abysmal public performances, it's because Trump's people are feeding everybody the news that Biden is the frontrunner.

That's all it takes.

The press reports, "Biden is the frontrunner!" and the voters say, "Biden is the frontrunner, so I support him!"

Then Trump took out Biden. He had to build him up first, so that the Ukraine stuff would get traction.

The thing that very few people accept about Trump is that his every action serves multiple purposes.

Therefore he can have a sincere call with the Ukrainian president AND set up the democrats and the press at the same time.

@drawandstrike says that Trump wants to run against Kamala Harris.

I thought Trump wanted Warren.

Clearly Trump took out Biden, so now we wait to see what happens to the Democrats next.


For Jack Posobiec.

I can't actually think of much to say about Ukraine.

Trump beautifully set up the Democrats and the press--but I repeat myself.


The "American" sergeant drops his cigarette, snaps to attention, and clicks his heels.

That's all it took.

The colonel figured out what was up, and with one word, he tricked the Nazis into revealing themselves.


And that's what Trump knows. The Democrats can't help themselves, and they can always be tricked into revealing themselves.



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