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Close one door, open another. I am sure (I hope) you have some other language under your belt to make up for it.

FWIW, veeerrry entertaining conversation (first 20 minutes or so I just listened to) with a great mix of humor and observation from guest & host! I hope to watch the rest soon.

Saul is muy chistoso in Spanish, and the host is clearly enjoying the flow of conversation. Great outlet, hope people in Spain watch it too.

YouTube nos ha censurado la entrevista donde Saul Montes-Bradley @Debradelai cuenta la verdad de lo ocurrido, y lo que hará Trump a partir de ahora, sin fantasías ni conspiraciones. Aún puede verse aquí: cuentatucaso.com/consumado-el-

Tomorrow, 4:00pm Eastern/10pm Madrid, in SPANISH

Interview with @CristobalCobo

Al habla con Saul:
Consumado el fraude electoral en EEUU: ¿Ahora qué?


"Trump no debe recibir información de inteligencia debido a su comportamiento errático" -dijo Biden. Tras lo cual, se guardó el vaso en la chaqueta y salió andando por la ventana.


Thank you so very much.
This too shall pass.
God bless you as well.

Si queréis escuchar a Saul Montes-Bradley en español, aquí podéis hacerlo. Mañana tendremos nuevo programa, analizando la toma de posesión de China Joe, y lo que nos espera.

Ha sido un discurso muy hermoso. Triste momento, pero emocionante. Permaneced unidos y orgullosos, patriotas americanos, se ha perdido una batalla pero no la guerra.

My dear American fellows, it is a sad hour for your great nation. From Spain, a nation that has also been usurped by socialism, my heart sends encouragement to you, and I have confidence in the love of truth, freedom and the strength of the American people to recover what has been stolen from you. God bless you.

¿Qué significa este extraordinario despliegue de militares por todo EEUU? ¿Es por amenazas reales a la seguridad o es que se está preparando un nuevo giro de guion inesperado? ¿Sabe alguien algo?

When will people stop talking about the "nuclear codes" as if it were a toy in the President's pocket?

One ridiculous stunt by Pigliosi and a million morons jump on cue.

Trump doesn't blow smoke up our butts.

That's a clear statement of intent.

Add "because" after Trump's message, and you have your answer to what is going to happen.

We have a week until inauguration.

Trump needed to see who was on his side in his own party.

The Never Trumpers never stopped because they were bought and paid for.

This new impeachment doesn't matter. In fact the Democrats have now made the entire concept lose all meaning.

As they always do.

See the disconnect?

The problem is election fraud.

Until it's eliminated, all elections are meaningless.

People accept the election fraud is real, but then they say the answer is grassroots blah blah blah blah.

How is it possible to both accept that elections are meaningless AND tell us to go out and try to elect the people we want in office?

It's because people can't connect one fact to their other. Their minds don't work.

They're trying to set you up to being a dues-paying serf.

The Democrats have succeeded in shifting the narrative from their violence to ours.

All it took was a few of their minions and the cover we provided for them through improvisation and ignorance.

We'll be on the defensive for a while.

Saludos a los amigos de Quodverum. ¿Algún hispanohablante en esta red? ¿Alguien a quien pueda tutear? Desde España, We are

@Debradelai @CristobalCobo @HermannTertsch And when I thought things couldn’t get better at Quodverum Don Saul talks about SOB Franciso Franco. Thanks for that Don Saul. This touches my deepest memories. My grandma eating her loved cat at a concentration camp in France thanks to Franco... never forget.

(1) Unless you have been under a rock for the last two years, you have been either pestered by, or fallen for the "Q-larp," a singular hoax some folks with an IQ lower than Joe Biden's like to call the "Q Movement."

The fact that their promoters were exposed a long time ago matters not.

@ThomasWic and I have been pointing to them from the start.

Even NBC caught up.


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