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(getting started)

If you are new here & want a simple walkthru on setup & how the 4 panels interact, here's a simple video I made.

Enjoy it here at QuodVerum
(or Quod, or just QV)

Welcome Welcome
😃 🍷 🍷

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So, my schedule is weird today, but hopefully I'll get some time to do a podcast with my thoughts on the Time magazine report yesterday and the upcoming "impeachment" hearing.

If not, I can always compose a thread of my notes and go from there.

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Good Morning Patriots!
What an honor to be among you!
Keep up the prayers for our President DJT.

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After dabbling in Parler, giving Gab my all, and tossing Twitter on the junk pile, I think I've found my favorite online water-cooler.

Kudos to the creators of this wonderful place.

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You can watch Mike Lindell's documentary "Absolute Proof" streaming LIVE 24/7 all weekend beginning NOW on RSBN!

We can't stream this on YouTube, Twitter or Facebook.

@HectorHeathcote Thank you for putting out the welcome mat! love this place

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@Criseee I can barely speak English, let alone another one. I am however quite fluent in sarcasm and cursing. LOL

@JurzeeGurl if he was able to learn Arabic, then I respect him even more, if that’s even possible. Learning languages comes easy to me. But I gave up on Arabic in a month. It is torturous.

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@Veni @HuajatollaChic @ThomasWic

If you like that pic, you’ll LOVE this.. this is one of the best posts Sundance ever wrote at The Treehouse!! Read the whole thing, but especially scroll down to the very bottom and watch the video with the title in Arabic.. it’s great!!! Enjoy!!!

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Rare photo of @AOC back in 1944 marching alongside our troops as they landed in Normandy, Germany.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.