The Harry formerly known as Prince is as qualified to speak about SCOTUS as Greta Thunberg is to speak about the environment.

Happy July 1st!

If I never see another rainbow colored ANYTHING for the rest of my life, I'd be happy with that.


Liz, he's not going to date you. Stop trying so hard. I mean, have you seen Melania?

So was that silly "testimony" a set up to expose a lie? Is that true? Thoughts?


I said it yesterday and I'll say it again... there needs to be a written test about the constitution and how government works, with no way of cheating, for anyone trying to obtain political office.

@StevenDouglas @Josephcdickerson @PoserIndex

So - a 3-month break on the Gas taxes..

July, August, and September..

And then the taxes kick in just in time for October.. right before the Nov elections.

Dem f*cker’s can’t even do math right..

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis—Agree with you 100%.

Not usually prone to violence, but would like to slap the smirk off of her condescending face.😡

@umad80 @Dawnz

What the F*CK is this!? (NSFW!!)


Singer Christina Aguilera wore a huge strap-on penis on stage while performing at LA’s Pride in the Park. The advertisements did not mention any age requirement - this was an all-ages event.

Can someone...ANYONE please SUE the F out of Christina Aguilera, the show, and the city for that matter for allowing this 'spectacle'..

CA Penal Code Sec. 311 for starters..

@DeWalt @YoungBlood

The 17th needs to be repealed anyway. Senators we’re supposed represent the states. Not voters.

@watch4thedrop @umad80

Everytime one of those protestor knuckleheads tie/glue/attach themselves to something, I want to see someone come along and dump a bucket of honey on their heads and then kick over a beehive next to them..

“You tied yourself down, enjoy…”

This goes double for the ones that do it on freeways or intersections..

How can any candidate ever say this, especially in America?


@RonOgletree @sgsterp @SpiceOfOurLife

Superb thread. Much appreciated.

It's always about money and clout.

Pay to play.
No dough, no show.

@Julie —As TW said on the Blather I just got finished watching, these people are predisposed to committing these acts, and should have been put away in a mental health facility. But because they roam free, this will continue to happen.

We can also thank JFK for this debacle. The closure of state and federal facilities for the mentally ill was a horrible idea.

Exactly. The corruption was at State and County levels. Fix it there.

Ok, is it just me? I wish nothing but bad things on Ginger Goebbels. I should not be this way but I cannot seem to help those feelings.

These are the times when I wish Thomas Wictor would come back and post his insights over what's going on in Ukraine.

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