Scott Pressler supports Lee Zeldon or at least did the last time I looked. But somebody needs to give him a job. He's worked his fingers to the bone for the Republicans.


Matt and his team need to go back and publish thread that includes what Cretinous Baker deleted.

The picture will become more focused.

A Prisoner Toot.

Patrick McGoohan famously avoided interviews talking about The Prisoner. Except... When he didn't.

Here he is chain smoking on Canadian TV. And talking about Number Six.

Be seeing you.


@Crimsonfisted I literally found out on a cruise ship on Sunday, and as soon as we were off said ship we headed straight there. We got about $2000 worth of merch for $180.

We’ve got something for you if you’re looking for irregularities in your local elections. Columbia, New Hampshire. It’s way up north. A tiny little town that, according to the 2020 US Census, had 695 residents. But according to the Secretary of State, Maggie Hassan received 1,106 votes from the same town.


There may be a silver lining with Fetterman being in the senate. Given their thin majority and pending the result of the Georgia runoff, the democrats can ill afford losing his vote due to his health.

@Gmajv AZ/NV are clearly cheating. it’s not just incompetent ballot counters.

The Soviet Politburo wasn't this blatant when it came to keeping themselves in power.

As far as I am concerned if the GOP captures the house and Senate, mission accomplished.

All this finger pointing, piling on Trump, and gloom and doom talk is irrelevant.

Republicans are making headway. Citizens are working to stop the cheating, but this is going to take persistent work and determination to not fall back and to not give up and to continue making progress, as we are!

We have to do our at most to ensure honest elections. Number one priority.

Spoke with @ThomasWic just now.

Feeling good and looking forward to Saturday!

@YoungBlood. Such bullshit. Put that freak with a penis back in the boy's locker room where he and his lying ass belong.

The same can be said about the Energy Department and EPA.

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