I do not know why I am burdening myself watching the Merrick Garland stuff. I should just mute that creep when he speaks. I think I just like watching people tell him to HIS FACE what a monster he is and that we KNOW he is a horrid person.

I have been watching youboob and the Judiciary Committee beating up Merrick garland. Why this guy has not been removed from office is ridiculous. I am glad he is getting exposed but my blood pressure is going up.


It seems NYC had lots of ventilators while Cuomo was running around demanding that President Trump wasn't giving him enough of them and he needed MORE!

I am so sick and tired of our tax dollars being wasted and stolen!!!!


Yes they will. Last month the local news announced Shake Shack will be opening locations in South Carolina.

As a result, the employee left a Shake Shack restaurant in Oakland after a month of employment and the California Civil Rights Department took up his crusade, resulting in a prelitigation settlement with Shake Shack that includes a $20,000 payout to the employee and the burger chain’s committing to new policies and training.

I have been watching the Gigi Sohn hearing on youtube. What a piece of work! I am reminded of the extreme narcissism of Darryl Brooks! Or is that just me?

@YoungBlood —The carnage this imbecile caused could have been avoided.

These people are evil and depraved.

Mr Fisted hates conservatives, Trump, Desantis. I mentioned that Disney has lost billions recently. He countered that Disney is laughing at Desantis and is making MORE than ever and taking advantage of what Desantis is doing regarding Disney. I want to bang my head on my desk.🤦‍♀️

I still laugh out loud watching I Love Lucy. Binging now.

Prediction: Biden administration will blame Trump and Pence for covering up prior Chinese balloons. In fact it will be suggested that documents in Trump & Pence homes made reference to the balloons.

The stench of fascism and betrayal is suffocating our democracy, but nobody wants to talk about it. We sanitize our language so that classified documents strewn over unsecured garages and centers of Chinese influence are talked about as though it’s a matter of carelessness and not design.



Just on the face:

False imprisonment, area bounded by following cars, crowd gathered at and (apparently) on the hood of his/her car.

Don't risk becoming a Reginald Denning. PLOW AHEAD.


Why are people pushing that shit? What the hell does that topic have to do with mathematics? 🙄🤦


A state law is a law, regardless if you like them or not. I hope Governor Youngun and the state legislators would take an action to have her impeached.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.