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QV tonight... YWS and FR.K...for anyone that missed it...


"...QV is a 'safe harbor' to seek truth..." FrPK

and Saul added... '''and music too..."

Or a movie...or whateva is... that is WORTHWHILE contributing...and learning from...🤔 👍

And if I could add...

... we all have our own ship to navigate through sometimes rough waters to get to that good safe harbor...

Thank you for your comments.


I gave @RomeoVoid facts, and in response he deleted all his tweets, took his ball, and went home.

He's perfectly happy sneering at everyone here, but when I PROVED HIM WRONG, he ran away.

They don't make trolls like they used to.



Many of you have expressed your gratitude of our Warrior, Mr. Saul Montes-Bradley. I know that most support his efforts here at SQV.

Were you aware that Saul has his own project, near and dear to his heart? If everyone sent even just one dollar, he might see that dream come true. I have included the link below. PLEASE, go to the site, read, and give if you can. Again, if we all sent even one dollar, he could launch this! THANK YOU! ❤️


Interesting two pieces of info came out tonight.

1. Trump is in charge of troops (no shit) and 60 minutes created cloud of doubt as to Guard members following orders from Trump, or Constitution.
2. Hit pieces come out casting doubt (total bullshit) on Guard members bias and commitment to mission.

My deduction: the machine is expecting LEFTISTS to be the ones facing the troops and wants them to be angry and distrustful.

Now ask WHY would the LEFTISTS be the ones advancing?

I’m starting to recognize more and more what a breath of fresh air this place is. I lurk on Twitter for a few minutes and the insanity is just crazy. My blood pressure rises exponentially. I come to Quodverum and it feels like a Valium. 🤣

If Quodverum had an app, would big tech censor it?

Hi everyone! Thanks for the warm welcome! It's been too long! I just saw my home for the first time in 9 months. Between Flynn and the election, it's a bit like a deployment! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

@metalblonde1114 “When the government fears the people, you have liberty. When the people fear the government, you have tyranny” ... Thomas Jefferson

Biden will start receiving the Presidential Daily Brief from tomorrow.

I am sure that Trump will make sure that the criminal SOB gets zero access to anything valuable. And that anything valuable he does see was INTENTIONAL.

Notwithstanding it makes me sick that a man like Biden is anywhere near the PDB.


Election night was electrifying. It was better than the best murder mystery I've ever read or the best action adventure movie. It was 100% pure pleasure for me. In knew very little back then, I just knew we couldn't have Clinton's back in the White House.

@Momma_Voke @ThomasWic

3. I agree with @ThomasWic

The leftists utter insanity will get worse, before it gets better.

We just have to live through it.

Electing the likes of Obama has a PRICE. One that's still being paid.

BUT these lunatics are the dead-enders, of a dying movement.

In 3 years, Ohmar, AOC, Tahlib - no one will remember them. If they do, it will be with a chuckle.

Obama's last lunatics, RIP 2020.

Being drained of oxygen, by their own actions. On 2019.

Much like Obama.

The end.

@ThomasWic Indeed. It takes an extraordinary amount of patience and foresight to appreciate this.

@DaveSwims thanks for the support from Down under! We appreciate you very much! 😁

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