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That's sad Saul. I'm not the one name calling. I'm asking for adult behavior within accepted civility. You don't know anything about the woman you called a trollop.

I discovered something totally by accident.

One night I turned down the TV volume while I was on the phone.

When I hung up, I saw a scene from Iraq. It was a news footage of American soldiers in an Iraqi house, arresting people and fighting.

"That's totally fake," I thought.

And it was!

It was Brian de Palma's movie "Redacted."

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A couple things have always worked for me,

1. Don’t publish your baggage.
2. If you wouldn’t say it to your mother, or very close loved one, don’t say it at all.

Many who hide behind the computer, are emboldened to spew garbage at people with whom they know nothing about. As for me, I use my name, I’ll change my Avatar from time to time to illustrate a point I’m trying to make, but I’ll always change it back to me.
Say what you mean, mean what you say.


We saw through the disinformation and found the truth. Now, all Americans will hear it.

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I don't give a hoot what anyone's position is here. I'm sick of people being called horrible names, particularly attacking women with words like whore, trollop, etc., because they disagree, are 'bigots' etc.
I like so much of what the admins have to say. But I will risk my membership in this venture to unequivocally demand admins stop attacking other members publicly & visciously. The egos!!! Jesus save us! And the ass-kissers make me sick. You know who you are.

From Richard Lugar To Mike Pence, An Era Passes In Indiana

Richard Lugar's funeral in early May was a final reunion of sorts for the men, who in some ways stood at opposite poles of Indiana politics.


Speaking of Barack O'Bamas half-sister, I nearly had to bleach my eyeballs after reading her job description.

Why is The New York Times Trying to Abort the Trump Peace Plan?
by Alan M. Dershowitz
May 24, 2019 at 5:00 am gatestoneinstitute.org/14264/n

Tweet from Donald J. Trump:

When is Twitter going to allow the very popular Conservative Voices that it has so viciously shut down, back into the OPEN? IT IS TIME!


Ooooo! Looky here, the Good Doctor sounding off.....

"Ben Carson: ‘Hypocritical’ Democrats Concerned with Child Housing but Support Late-Term Abortion"


Shem Horne @shem_infinite
Well, I was having a good night, but now I have to read a Maggie and NYT Mike article crying about spying.

Keeping Maggie on as a "reporter" seems to be like keeping tainted potato salad hoping it will get better with time but, we're talking the shameless NY Times, here.

Podesta says it's great to be able to feed stories to the media who "Tee Up for Us" -- cites NY Time's Maggie Haberman -


For @cmclark63

You wrote, "Deepfake AI turns Mona Lisa into a lifelike moving image.

"Cute trick, but it means that a single still image can be used to fake a video of people saying things they never said."

My guess is computer animation will never become indistinguishable from genuine footage.


Deepfake AI turns Mona Lisa into a lifelike moving image.

Cute trick, but it means that a single still image can be used to fake a video of people saying things they never said.


Michael Avenatti is blaming President Trump for his latest legal woes, even claiming that an individual close to the president told him yesterday’s federal indictment “had Trump’s fingerprints all over it.”


I am getting mentioned in comments here on FB by some Qatari paid trolls who want me to hate on President Trump.

This vile funded website is cherry picking some of his words to make it appear that Trump is a Bully & Saudi Arabia is a naive little country.

This is just one example of many that shows what I meant by Propaganda against POTUS.

The more he's hated by Qatar, Iran, Russia, & Chhina, the more we love him even more❤️


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