Obama's children.

Obama infantilized an entire generation. That's why you get tweets such as the one below.

Good news - more and more people are calling these idiots out.

To me, she seems to be in a panic. She knows she may very well be held accountable for what she said. She could lose her job. At the very least she should never be allowed at another White House Briefing.

"Left-wing cities going LAWLESS as Boston orders police to stop arresting criminals for breaking and entering, destruction of property or shoplifting"

What could possibly go wrong?


NYC Casting Call Says ‘White Artists’ Will Be Paid Less Than ‘POC Artists,’ And Undergo ‘Mandatory’ Session Of ‘Anti-Racism Training’


1. Barack Hussein Obama, in Berlin.

A worried man.

He looks AWFUL. Like a man who is being hunted, by an alpha predator.

There's fear etched into his features. So there should be.

9. But FIRST, Trump will make Obama watch in horror as his co-conspirators are taken down, one by one.

Obama & Clinton come LAST.

DJT means to make sure that this disgraceful crime NEVER happens again. That means scorched earth tactics will apply. NONE of the main players escape.

Their downfall will be PUBLIC.

It's the ONLY way to put the fear of God into anyone now or in the future, who may consider such criminality in the future.

Trump knows that if he doesn't act, this WILL happen again.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.