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(14) The totalitarians are now safely ensconced and they aim to "Fundamentally transform America" in ways that will destroy this beautiful experiment in self-government that for over two Centuries has been a guiding light o the world.

It is up to us to ensure they do not succeed.

We will not have many chances to do so.


Tooting on Tootdon iPad on July 10. Tootdon is dead...long live Tootdon?!


For @REX

I didn't support Trump until after the second GOP primary debates. I didn't OPPOSE Trump; I simply thought he wasn't serious.

But he did something that made me VERY excited, and it made me read everything he'd ever said.

He used the FIRST debate to gauge all his opponents.

THAT made me study him.

And that convinced me that he'd win and be our best president.

1. Thread for @ThomasWic

The Democratic Party, imploding.

Pelosi/Clinton establishment vs AOC/YoungTurks/Obama radicals. And within each faction, more strife.

The fissure cracks, at first invisible are now cleaving open, for all to see.

This foment cannot just be internal, in my view. External forces are applying pressure on weak points, intensifying the internal conflict.


This 1984 profile of Trump says that he began thinking of being president in 1969.

It doesn't SPELL IT OUT, but in 1969, Trump became concerned about the future.

By 1984, he was saying that his business empire and lifestyle were "cute" but meaningless compare to the problems most people in the world faced.

That means that he began planning his presidency in 1969.

Every day is a great day on Quodverum. But July 4th is the greatest day to be a proud paying subscriber. Today we remember the price paid for our freedom by those far more deserving. I encourage my Quod family to honor America today, and consider a voluntary monthly honorarium to ensure that the vision and work of our founding , @Debradelai and @ThomasWic can continue to grow, educate, and sustain this wonderful community of patriots and scholars.

QuodVerum is about hanging out online with very intelligent, often hilarious & interesting human beings.

It's a weird world of outrage out there, these days. We like FACTS. We need each other, like a boat needs an anchor.

We tend to share the same perspective, but we also argue. We are very well informed, but also CURIOUS.

Bottom line - we are stronger together, than as individuals. What a shame we aren't meeting up in person, regularly.

Just sayin'


The end.

7. Am I desperate to see justice done now? Sure. We all are.

But our needs are frankly unimportant.

Just let it happen on Trump's trajectory. Try and rise above the partisan noise and BS hysteria being spewed by partisan shills.

After all, you can't change anything, anyway. Another thing:

It will make you happier.

The end.

The power and confidence of Kim's voice AND the speed at which this summit was arranged indicate that the danger has passed.

The North Koreans are now no longer the Hermit Kingdom.

They trust Trump completely, so any differences they have with us will be ironed out.

Amazing. I thought North Korea was hopeless.

My president proved me wrong.


Trump and Kim outfoxed everyone.

An insta-summit!

Everything we heard after Hanoi was strategic deception.

This was done to keep the Chinese from leaning on Kim.

5. So if the Obama plan is to run a Michelle Obama ticket, I hope the community organizer from Chicago knows this.

It will be the worst decision of his entire life.

Trump is waiting.

And he won't hold back, if Obama crosses that Rubicon.

Watch, learn, etc.

The end.

4. Trump and his people will have gamed out Obama's strategy.


Obama is inept at many things, but topmof the list is strategic planning. A mediocre intellect, he surrounded himself with weak yes-men and women.

Trump, on the other hand? A razor sharp strategic thinker who works with bad-asses, who games every scenario and prepares for each eventuality.

On thing is GUARANTEED. Trump will NEVER allow an Obama back into the White House. Also, he despises Obama and seeks revenge.



Trump is talking about the book 1984, Stalinism, witch hunts, and so on.

This resonates with Americans.

Censorships is political suicide, which is why the Republicans are letting it go on.

It's actually a Democratic tactic. For decades, the Democrats made sure that poverty was never addressed. It gave them a platform.

The Republicans are finally using the Democratic playbook.

(13) While coming from a Judeo-Christian background, I have studied the Qu'ran, like every member of my family as far as I could find.

Like many in Europe, as I told you a couple of days ago, I am a descendant of the Prophet by virtue of the marriage of a king of Navarre with a daughter of Abul-Kasim Muhammad Ben Abbad al Mu'tamid, the third and last Abbadid Emir of Seville.

Well, once again...

President Donald J. Trump has won the 2nd Democratic Debate.

@DuaneCates @Noiram

The anthropologist Inga Clendinnen documented Iroquois tortures in her book Aztecs: An Interpretation.

This was a contemporary eyewitness account of a captured Native American being essentially torn to pieces over three days.

Once read, never forgotten.

Robert Redford wouldn't make the movie Jeremiah Johnson today, but it's a very accurate rendering of Native American savagery.


Anthropologists have lost their jobs for talking about it.

The Anasazi were the most advanced culture in the Southwest. They were terrorized for centuries, until they were finally exterminated.

In desperation, they built cities on the sides of cliff faces, with hand and footholds cut into the rock.

But their murderers wiped them out.

ALL Native Americans committed atrocities that would make Nazis puke out their guts.


Native Americans were the best at genocide of any people in history.

They succeeded in EXTERMINATING multiple cultures, such as the Toltecs and the Anasazi.

The Anasazi were subjected to TERRORISTIC CANNIBALISM. Not even the Islamic State did that.

When someone brings up genocide, tell them we can't hold a candle to Native Americans.

We accept that Life IS change.
So our Mindset must be open to new experiences & information.
When I first met you, I wanted to DEBUNK you, remember?
But I asked questions respectfully, not to "GOTCHA" or insult.
I was convinced Civilization was doomed, I posted Gore Pix, etc. & hated on Islam.
What a difference new information made, but I had to ACCEPT the "update"
Brent 2019 is much superior to Brent 2014.
& it's partially YOUR FAULT!!

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