I think the Dems are in trouble...

Donald Trump app at #9 on the Apple App store News charts...

For the record...I believe Joe Biden was misunderstood when he said he would beat Joe Biden...he said he would BE Joe Biden...

Bad day to BE Joe Biden. This dude is making it real hard for the stooges on the left to execute Operation Glass Ceiling...


@HunDriverWidow Thanks for sharing this really important expose...very valuable 👍

Nothing quite at tasty as a little Fudge with your morning Java. @hnijohnmiller lays the smackdown on bitcoin baffoonery and takes Breitbart accordingly to task for spewing drivel. Great analysis of the fatal flaws surrounding bitcoin as a 'currency'. Bring a fire extinguisher!


@2020_DJT @ilumanous I may have used the wrong words there. It's debateable as to whether evolve or regress is the better descriptor.

@2020_DJT @ilumanous
Seems there is perpetual "revelation" to core LDS doctrines as society evolves...since the progressive revolution in the 60's, there has been much backpeddling on controversial tenets of the faith.



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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.