Even if you just close your eyes and let the sound of a great broadcasting voice. If you're grasping at straws trying to make sense of a World turned upside-down like every single one of us...then listen to an intelligent discussion about his cause for optimism moving forward into an uncertain future.

I appreciate his researched views and unique insights. He is a calming, rational man and I e if my favorite YT follows.

My brother is like a Patriotic Mr. Rogers.

It's such a good feeling
To know you're alive.
It's such a happy feeling;
You're growing inside.
And when you wake up ready to say:
I'm going to flip off Biden today.
It's such a good feeling,
A very good feeling.
The feeling you know, that we are back
And the day is new.
And all these f'n pricks are screwed.
And we have things we like to talk about.

@Clayrjr i appreciate his take on things. helps fuel my fire.
trump won.

@Veni @HectorHeathcote

Sorry...that cabinet position has already been filled. Like Kamala's senate seat...AND air flapper.

@HectorHeathcote @yurself @Veni

I heard them open for Nirvana...'89 If I recall. Good times, lots of rain.


I heard Blue Oyster Cult open for Aerosmith, think it '73... didn't see 'em cause I couldn't see my hand in front of my face that night 😂

@yurself @Veni

@HectorHeathcote @Clayrjr @yurself @Veni

I am trying to listen to Jacque's brother but you all just keep on. It is not Saturday yet, for god's sake.

@KenLarkin @yurself @HectorHeathcote @Clayrjr

an entire generation knows that crazy broad by first name loll

fun fact.. Mr Bobbit went on to star in a porno called Frankenweinie
true story

@Clayrjr @HectorHeathcote @Bethsponz

Yes, thank you for sharing the video...the rest? Well, let's just say it all follows suit for you two. Have you two started your weekend already? (Don't mind me...I'm just jealous, seeing as I can't drink. 😢 )

@HectorHeathcote @Clayrjr @Bethsponz

Well, that's okay. Can't even imagine what you'd be like drunk, then! 🤣

@2020_DJT @HectorHeathcote @Clayrjr @Bethsponz

1979 had a boyfriend put a double-handful of wet sand in the front of his Speedo and swagger down the beach.
Followed at 20 paces. 😂😜 😎

Ladies, you cannot condemn the men for looking.....


As you said, calming voice and a centering one as well. I subscribed.

And to the YT Whitehouse as well.

Interesting thoughts on China.

Thank you for posting his video.

@Clayrjr for thank you posting this video! Very calming, indeed! I subscribed and intend to watch some of his past videos as the titles look very interesting as well. Thanks again, great find & post!

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