On last night’s Tournament of Champions episode of Jeopardy!, show host Alex Trebek said: “This lawyer’s star rose while repping Stormy Daniels but fell after he was accused of trying to extort millions from Nike in 2019.”

Silence ensued from three champion players.

“His name quickly forgotten, obviously — Michael Avenatti,” Trebek quickly noted, before moving on to the next question.


@NevadaJack @umad80 This to me is proof positive over the seeming maddening delays in bringing down the villainous, treacherous career UniParty NWO Luciferians and the need for the prolonged agony of unending gambits, multilevel snares, and prolonged lunacy. People seem to forget Trump’s role in stagecraft and kabuki involved in creating “reality” TV. HE UNDERSTANDS THE MASSES ARE NOTORIOUSLY LIMITED IN DISCERNMENT, INTEREST AND ATTENTION SPAN...so timing is EVERYTHING.

@NevadaJack @umad80 Watch his furious onslaught once Americans weary of almost four years of insane temper tantrums from the left are within striking range of actual collective working memory...which I’m not sure is even 90 days at this point. The dominos will fall...the media cannot help itself and DJT knows this because he is an industry insider...he is a master at doing the things necessary to trigger the incessant pursuit of rating at key times and demographics. The MSM Achilles...greed

@NevadaJack @umad80 The fact that Jeopardy champions couldn’t remember the fn Creepy Porn Lawyer who was at one time being pushed as a potential presidential candidate for God sake...that tells you where these dipshit low rent Marxists political lefty lifers are actually at in terms of reality and talent...they are unable to think for themselves and the only reason YOU MIGHT feel any anxiety is because their willful self promoting MSM career climbers are always willing to shill shit to advance.

@NevadaJack @umad80 Remember..somewhere along the way all of the idiots on TV made a willful choice to go be famous. I want to be famous. I think about it all the time. But I know the choices I have to make to “put myself out there” and it involves deciding to put self promotion above everything else. Same with politicians. Origins are important. The genesis of motivation is important. Trace the root and you’ll see even cherish “conservative pundits” ALL HAD TO MAKE THE DECISION FOR FAME

@NevadaJack @umad80 Mass media and technology dramatically skewed their influence, and just like any “company man”...once you’ve invested so much in something you are kind of locked into a destiny of your own making without a willful choice to transform. Politicians and MSM were, are, and always will be concerned first and foremost with priority 1 - the ‘I’ in their “Me”. We all are to a certain extent...but if we forget that everyone we see “out there” making noise choose and invested...

@NevadaJack @umad80 A long time ago and with great voracity....in....themselves first, foremost, and forever...

Read Michele Gielan’s “Broadcasting Happiness” or look at one of the career of the incredible J.C. Watts if you want to see what happens when this isn’t the case...when they saw what the industry they dove into really was all about...they made the hard choice and left the industry. Stop watching the news...unplug...read about positive psychology and mindfulness and transformation

@NevadaJack @umad80 You can’t change the fates of these things...the macro is out if your hands...I think often about our QVS friend and late-OG “The Good Brian”. It strikes me humble when I read the end of his timeline and realize he’s passed...the. I think about all the fn BS the political and MSM frenzy of fear, uncertainty, and discontent spread through so many peoples lives...causing such sorrow, angst, anger, and depression...

@NevadaJack @umad80 It’s not worth it. Smile...the good guys win...or we have a revolution and the tough guys win...either way we win...but don’t let the self-hating, God-hating, angry, empty, pathetic, intellectually bankrupt spoiled ass children of Marx, Gramsci, and Alinski rain on your parade. The last several months have taught unbelievable life lessons...keep you feet anchored, be aware, be amused, but do not let the orchestrated chaos impact your life at all, because it really doesn’t.

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