(1)In case you haven't heard, there are caches of weapons throughout Europe.

Every now and then, police stumbles onto some.

These weapons, it turns out, though destined for terrorists, are not intended for a Jihad Army in Europe.

Jihadis correctly identified Europe as the soft belly of the West

It is.

Myriad jurisdictions without communications through which Jihadis can come and go virtually undetected.


(2) Even at the expense of liberties we take for granted in the US, European law enforcement is powerless.

There's hardly a city where you won't find police clad in balaklavas stopping everyone and checking every vehicle.

Stop and frisk on steroids.

And it serves no purpose.

Traffic jams around checkpoints give them away, and only law abiding citizens get trapped.

I learned to avoid them, so can anyone else.

(3) The reasoning behind the face coverings on police oficers is always the same:

To protect officers against reprisals.

In other words...they cannot protect themselves.

And to preserve their privacy, ordinary citizens must face an army of anonymous law enforcement officers armed to the teeth, without fear of recognition and clad like terrorists.

Can you tell them apart?

(4) Alas, it's not like those displays of force have caused mass arrests of bad guys.

Maybe a drunk or two.

It's like trying to stop a shower by plugging one out of every hundred holes.

You may get lucky on occasion, but the water will keep on flowing.

Lack of Posse Comitatus is also irrelevant. The army is useless.

As Skorzeny warned in 1975, in vain will traditional generals look for an enemy they will not find.

(5) The enemy wears civilian clothes, drives a Fiat 500 and blends into the urban background.

Jihadis also came to the correct conclution that conventional war against us is unwinnable.

So they will not go that way.

Do not expect a terrorist army coming forward to claim a hidden stash of weapons and form a batallion.

Expect 30,000 odd shoe bombers creating IEDs out of Beauty Supply materials causing panic wherever possible.

Transportation, theaters, stadiums, night clubs, shopping malls.

(6) Some will use wapons as sofisticated as a hammer or a kitchen knife.

The purpose is to disrupt, scare and enrage.

Most will fail.

Those who succeed will have their deeds enlarged by pussilanimity, ignorance & cupidity blowing them out of proportion in every Western media for their own benefit.

This will take time.

It has to run its course until the last one is captured, killed or blows himself up.

It will be years.

(7) The Jihadist hope is to provoke a reaction that will drive others to their camp to conquer Egypt, not France.

Over here, some will use them as an excuse to increase government control and reduce individual freedoms for the sake of an evanescent security, as they already have in Europe.

They've been going at it for a while and this just serves their purpose.

(8) Thus, as we are caught between totalitarians with a towel on their head on one hand and totalitarians with a croissant in their hand on the other, must walk a thin line of combatting the former without giving in to the latter.

Don't forget the totalitarians on the streets celebrated as "freedom fighters..."

It is a generational struggle.

It is difficult.

But we can do it.

(9) At this stage, knowledge is more important than weapons.

To understand what we are fighting for and who we are fighting against is crucial.

Both abroad, and, especially, at home.

The time for cartoonish over simplification and bumper-sticker thinking is over.

Let's all get serious.



@Debradelai Once again blazing the trail, lighting the path, and inspiring the faithful to bear the standard of objective truth, the mantle of disciplined scholarship, and the steadfast resolve to courageously defend the blessings of liberty.

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