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@Debradelai Once again blazing the trail, lighting the path, and inspiring the faithful to bear the standard of objective truth, the mantle of disciplined scholarship, and the steadfast resolve to courageously defend the blessings of liberty.

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Truly sad how many rubes in the world are missing out on this glorious niche of freedom, intellect, and love that we affectionately call QVS. But they will continue to grow steady, with quality and decorum.

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the truth

Saul Montes-Bradley. An Introduction.

Conversation with Eli Gold, President, Gold Institute for Strategic Studies.

Hi guys, Bill Mitchell from Twitter and YourVoice America here.

If you were engaged on stalled negociations leading nowhere in NorKo...would you pass on an opportunity to leave the sinking ship and grab a prestigious ambassadorship, like, say, to Russia?

Reuters claims Stephen Biegun just did that.

I bet you Biegun knows something they don't.

Why would a man pass being Amb. to Russia to stay as an envoy to Norko?

Because he's about to make history.

Being the guy who got a NorKo denuclearization treaty is well worth the miss.

I’ll never forget being silenced on Twitard.
Rex was gone. TW was gone. Mr. MB reinstated shortly after then banned for good.
January 23 I got an email.
These are the Top Four greatest citizen journalists of all time.
I may have cried a little.

What’s so amazing is how thoroughly, completely, and suddenly he brought it all together. The country is a different one this morning. The enemy of draconian Marxist progressivism inside the American nation was dealt a death blow through brilliant use of Alinskyism against itself. My friends and fellow patriots...we just witnessed the death blow to the Democrat body politik...and we have starred into the eyes (thanks AOC) of the next threat...big tech and the justice radicals.

@Debradelai @ThomasWic @REX @drawandstrike


When I read this Goodwin article through the QVS can see the fingerprints of DJT, Judas Goats, and clear, research based evidence that the have framed, allowing us willing to learn to watch the masterpiece be orchestrated; the single greatest Act of Shakespearean stagecraft as imagined by Sun Tzu and executed by DJT.

Thank you sir...I yield the balance of my napkin to Mr. Cohen.

@REX Someone needs to get a Geiger counter on Mueller...anyone here know the half life of Uranium One?

I'd hazard a guess that @REX is on the edge of the couch...what color hat is this man wearing?

An insightful opinion piece from Fixed Point Foundation's Larry Taunton.

Contrary to what many believe, advocates of the open borders policy now being championed by just about every left-of-center politician in the Western world are gambling everything — or should I say everyone? — on a grand, continental-sized social experiment that is based, in part, on the ideas of Austrian philosopher Karl Popper and his seminal work The Open Society and its Enemies (1945).


I started reading Wictor when I joined twatter to follow then candidate Trump in Oct '16.

I have to say that his writing has directly affected my life in that I am much calmer when focusing on the political realm.

His writings on the Middle East changed my thinking on Saudi Arabia for the better and I now have people I consider friends in the Mideast.

Mr Wictor's writings have been invaluable in my life

And I'm grateful to Mr Saul for creating this place for us.



What we're seeing is what we're getting.

We should all be angry that the pre-Trump Republicans were beaten by these shambling mental patients.

This is what the Democrats always were, beginning with Bobby Kennedy.

Trump is simply refusing to save them from themselves.

@Debradelai @joeflynn1

I love it when good things happen to good people! Saul, you are a Good person who helped another Good person! Thank you Sir.

A random, late-night thought...

Remember, radicals don’t learn from history—they seek to erase it. Why? Because it allows them to rewrite it, reframe it, and recast it using *their* language...language they have spent years redefining.

This is what we are fighting against. This is what Trump understands.

This is why he is unafraid to use their same tactics against them, why he doesn’t care about who he “offends”.

Truth is always a valid defense.

Peace to all my QV friends.

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