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"With malice toward all and with stupidity for most, with firmness in belief that groupthink gives us to determine what is right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in; to bind up the nation, to care for our re-election campaigns we who shall have borne the battle against the widow of liberty and her orphan sons ~ to do all which may thwart achievement and cherish injustice and lasting dissonance among ourselves and with all nations."

Abraham Alinsky

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So the morale of the story is that sometimes it's best to punt Baxter after getting hit with a burrito. It's good for the community.

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The Heartbeat of America
LONG Thread
1) Did you, or your parents or grandparents attend public school? I am not trying to step on toes. I am an advocate of school choice and believe that public schools are the primary conduit to the soul of America. That is why I chose to invest my life as an educator. The most influential people in my life were my coaches and teachers. They set the tone of my formative years and shaped my lenses through which I viewed the world.

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@Debradelai Once again blazing the trail, lighting the path, and inspiring the faithful to bear the standard of objective truth, the mantle of disciplined scholarship, and the steadfast resolve to courageously defend the blessings of liberty.

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Truly sad how many rubes in the world are missing out on this glorious niche of freedom, intellect, and love that we affectionately call QVS. But they will continue to grow steady, with quality and decorum.

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the truth

Haven’t heard many people lose their minds over the fact that so much of our communications in this country during the “pandemic” involved the utilization of ZOOM and TIK TOK…both Chinese companies who have access to virtually everything of substance from a business perspective and deep personality and preference profiles on the next generation of youth…

All residing comfortably on Chinese servers…Chilling when considering Ray Dalio’s latest work. Changing world order.

My brother shot this idea out right after the news dropped...I am convinced of his theory that Dwayne Haskins committed suicide...

Interstate + Dump Truck?!

Now...a passed out girl in his car...that isn't his wife...

An imploding career after a major fall as a massive bust as a the age of social media...

Yet despite numerous searches after the past few days, I can't find anywhere else that idea has been floated.

Such a sad story.

Nothin wrong with the public Ed system…just teach them thar 3 Rs…
Nothin to see here people…move along…move along…

Most folks have no idea what is about to happen in public Ed…and there isn’t an alternative system in place…

Schools are funded by enrollment…many students have just quit coming after COVID…too many to enforce truancy. That leads to teacher cuts.

Bleeding teachers from Boomer and Millennial cohorts…few new teachers in prep programs.

So...WTF IS ABSOLUTELY STUPID TODAY? I'm growing weary of the echoing silence...

First new Pink Floyd music since the 1994 Division Bell album.

Dave Gilmour is my favorite guitarist ever.

Returning to the classroom during the COVID pandemic after 15 years in public school administration and 13 years in the Grades 6-12 Social Studies in Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado has been the most eye-opening experience in my 28 year career. You have no idea how broken our age 12-18 adolescents are after losing two years of public education. Nothing is the same nor will be.

Here is another I sightful video I've incorporated I to my world geography instruction.

Another incredible video I've come across preparing my world human geography curriculum for 9th graders.

Teaching economics to freshmen.

Do yourself a favor today and look for the superhero in you. Be the difference.

Find a way to make a positive IMPACT in your sphere of influence. The world needs you!

...Aspirational thoughts from this mornings reflections.

This is an interview with a KGB defector from 1984...talks about how the real Soviet Commies destroyed America using a variety of means with a patient longview of the endgame...

One of the most important videos I've seen to understand current reality and how we got here...and I discovered it on QV back in 2020.
I so appreciate the


I despise the media...
Social media is even worse...

If you haven't seen "The Social Dilemma" (2020) on Netflix...please avail yourself of the new 'reality' that we inhabit. You will understand stand the lunacy...and hopefully rise above it. It's a docudrama but very prescient.

Founding Titans of Silicon Valley pull back the curtain...and this lens clarifies global politics from 2014 on...

I can't understand why these jackholes want to destroy the United States. They must believe that Globalism promises greater riches...despite the fact that there is no economy in Earth EVER...that has been as powerful as the United States economy.

I get that they are all impaled by greed and Frankfurt School critical theory horseshit...but HOW CAN THEY BE SO NAIVE?!

Don't know why I turned on the worthless docuhorseshit "The Circus" on Showtime since I don't follow politics...and I regret the legitimate sentiments of hoping that the pederast Adam Schiff chokes on a giant c@$k to death. How do these pricks get away with the absolute horseshit they peddle without consequence? How does the mighty, principled GOP fail to have the stomach to eradicate these traitorous douchcanoes?

What a great National Championship game!
I don't follow college basketball as well as I should, but March Madness always seems to deliver incredible stories in sport.

Another great video I came across doing some world geography lesson prep for my hapless freshmen...

Ray Dalio - Principles for Dealing with the Changing World Order

Some of the best coverage of what is actually happening on the ground in Ukraine.

Task & Purpose offers some very compelling military analysis like the sage @ThomasWic.

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A good system of public education is the foundation of a Republic.

Without it, it collapses. A Republic requires an educated sovereign.

Those who find any contratemps as an excuse to seek its abolition look for nothing else but the demise of our nation.

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