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I consider this to be the seminal framing of understanding Trump (from Oct 7 2019) by Thomas Wictor (@ThomasWic)

Simply brilliant...

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@Debradelai Once again blazing the trail, lighting the path, and inspiring the faithful to bear the standard of objective truth, the mantle of disciplined scholarship, and the steadfast resolve to courageously defend the blessings of liberty.

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Truly sad how many rubes in the world are missing out on this glorious niche of freedom, intellect, and love that we affectionately call QVS. But they will continue to grow steady, with quality and decorum.

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the truth

It's unimaginable how much more has played out since this article was written by the BBC in 2016. This article attempts to serve as an apologetic for the Saul Alinsky-Clinton-Obama connections suggesting...Alinsky's radical view and playbook were not enough...government must be changed from the INSIDE...

Pretty sure DJT is fully versed in their machinations and prepared to do whatever is necessary to protect and preserve the Constitution and greater Republic from these Marxist demigods.

"Ring China"

Remind them of the outstanding Lincoln bedroom invoices...

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.