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Finally, conservatives have a street fighter as president

“Trump is an oddity: a Republican president who stands up to the Left's defamations and brickbats and returns fire.

“The drumbeat of criticism and calumny directed at the president by his political opponents and the media have had no discernible physical or emotional effect on him, except perhaps to make him more energetic and determined, and his tweets more sharply worded and devastating.”

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@ThomasWic Thomas, I LOVE the way you tell a story. I would never have thought I’d like military strategy but you make it so very interesting. I have followed you for a long time and I love reading everything you write.

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More photos of our wonderful FLOTUS from Magnificent Melania Facebook page.

👀 WHIT WHEW!! (Is that how you spell wolf whistle??) 👀

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One thing's for sure.

That John Carlin is an evil little f&_ker.

So many corrupt, vile characters in this. It's unbelievable what they thought they'd get away with.

They never thought Crooked would lose.


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What a mess.

My take? Byrne and Butina were working an anti-GOP sting (Cruz, Rubio, Trump) for Obama's goons, their handler Strzok.

Byrne is now portraying himself as an innocent stooge unwittingly being used by Strzok, to target the innocent Butina. Nope don't buy it.

As for Byrne's allegation he was being used to target Clinton - I call BS. There's zero evidence of it and it makes no sense in the context described.

Let's see what happens.

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With all of her money, which I'm certain she has, she could at least buy some clothes that fit her fat arse. Hillary goes to Omar the Tent-Maker. She always looks so covered!

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They always have plenty of time to get dressed up in costumes and admire themselves, don't they.

Actual hard work for their constituents? Nah, not so much.

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First Cuomo, now Lemon.

April Ryan exposed, too.

All over 3 days.

I wonder who is next.

No coincidence. FakeNews CNN is about to understand the true meaning of the

They won't survive it.

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"Donald Trump has appointed 43 U.S. appeals court judges in 2½ years—about a quarter of the entire appellate bench, which has the last word on most federal cases.

Nearly all are in their 30s, 40s or 50s.

Barack Obama got 55 appellate judges in 8 years."

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From the 1990 Playboy interview with DJT:

"How far are you willing to push adversaries?".
"I will demand anything I can get. When you’re doing business, you take people to the brink of breaking them without having them break, to the maximum point their heads can handle–without breaking them. That’s the sign of a good businessman: Somebody else would take them fifteen steps beyond their breaking point".

Trump doesn't change. His adversaries do.

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An illegal grabbed the country's attention when she claimed she was still nursing her baby when she was apprehended by ICE.

A medican exam showed that she wasn't even lactating.

Yesterday, she was indicted for social security fraud


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Donald J. Trump


It was my honor to sign a Presidential Memorandum facilitating the cancellation of student loan debt for 25K of our most severely disabled Veterans. With today’s order, we express the everlasting love & loyalty of a truly grateful Nation. God bless our Vets, & God Bless America!

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Thank all of you for your amazing support for my family and I. 🙏✝️👍💪🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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Genius tweet that encapsulates Trump's Sun Tzu strategy.

End of day, victory is taking the enemies kingdom intact. Trump means to limit the damage as much as he can, an extremely difficult objective.

I've no doubt he will succeed. After victory is won and the population is on side, he will be free to wreak revenge on those who went after him and his family. And be in no doubt, BTW - that WILL happen.

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