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James Woods...

New teeth, anothe facelift, Vodka afternoon glow... She’s running!

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BOOM: Ted Cruz calls out Morning Mika for trying to get “Silicon Valley billionaires” to silence Trump!

"... The speech that should most be protected is the speech we disagree with. But gone are the days of actually disagreeing with someone. Rather, having them silenced is the way to go in our liberal shutdown culture. ..."

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So let me get this straight: Apple will NOT work with the govt. to crack the iPhone of terrorist shitbags who kill Americans on American soil, for privacy reasons.


Apple WILL sneak in "contact tracing" via software update to its customers? Now, according to Apple, you *can* opt out.

And if you believe THAT, please reach out to my Nigerian uncle, who is also a prince. He wants to send you a check.

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Since the Constitution says of the House and Senate “a Majority of each shall constitute a Quorum to do Business” the Pelosi power grab by proxy is simply unconstitutional and any action without a quorum would be illegal

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@Debradelai An organization is only as smart as the dumbest person it has granted any authority to.

Youtube has given authority to a crowd of absolute fucking morons.

The results were extremely predictable.

This picture is of the team that decides whether or not you are thinking wrongthink.

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@SidneyPowell1: "This was evident from the court decisions. Although heavily redacted, they made it clear there was an 85% violation rate. That is HUGE. used the as their personal political spy agency v USA


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Vernon Jones
On Fox and Friends today, I made one thing clear: four more years of
is what America needs I don’t care if I’m a Democrat.

The Democrat Party doesn’t own me.

I’m not just leaving the plantation; I’m burning it down.

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No. It will be recorded.

Alas, I just got a message from him, we need to postpone one ween.

It was supposed to be this afternoon. We are shooting for next Saturday now.

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People with low levels of Vitamin D may be more likely to catch coronavirus?

Newsflash: People with vitamin D deficiency are more likely to catch ANYTHING.

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Dutch forklift driver laughs contemptuously at toilet-paper hoarders as he shows you how much TP there is in just ONE warehouse.

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We're not allowed to call out the Chinese when the presumptive democrat nominee for President and his family have been bought and paid for by the Chinese. And let's not forget that a leading Democrat senator employed a Chinese spy as her driver for years with no repercussions.

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@redwhitebluedude @Gbdantoni @REX @ThomasWic

THREAD: Today, @CNN repeatedly featured a total lie on screen, pushing the repeatedly debunked false claim that President Trump called the coronavirus a "hoax."

President awaits fake news media’s apology over the Google affair

In our faces, provable, shameless lie after lie.

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The future of armor is soft.

It has to eliminate blunt-force trauma so that the person can shrug off the shot and keep fighting.

When the soft armor locks up, the kinetic energy from the bullet is completely dissipated.

I've seen video of men running through heavy machine-gun fire, so it's clear that they can take hits without even feeling them.


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This is what we can expect from the Dem convention.

Protestors storming the stage with signs that say..."Let Dairy Die."

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@ThomasWic In 1968 the Communists had a riot at the DNC convention in Chicago. I did some reading and discovered the Democrat party had factions that hated each other. With Bernie Sanders supporters being supportive of anarchy & violence, I can envision a repeat of 1968

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