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4. 'But Rex, Horowitz found 29 FISAs were crooked!'

So what. Our crew knew that in 2017. Add HUNDREDS more, under Obama. The guy was on a crime spree.

What's happened as a result? NADA.

More and more people are tiring of the nonsense.

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Dinesh D'Souza

I was locked up overnight for 8 months on a felony charge for giving $20 K to a friend running for Senate. Bloomberg boasts about spending tens of millions to buy—he said it!—Democratic control of the House. What does the term “equal justice under the law” mean in this context?

@REX pardoning a Democrat makes sense if you’re about to prosecute a helluva lot a Democrats. Do you think?

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According to the NYT tracker, Mayor Pete 'won' Iowa yesterday.

But last Friday, NBC had Buttgieg in 5th place on 7% , with Sanders #1 on 27%.

Can you square that circle? Course not.

The conclusion is obvious : the DNC and Democratic machine have rigged the Iowa primary.

And MayorCheat is an utter fraud.

The real winner? Donald J Trump.

How the Dems think this helps them is beyond me. It's such an obvious fraud. They're heading for a shellacking of historic proportions.

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My only hope is that starting tomorrow Trump goes scorched earth on all of these traitors.

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Putin considers Finland as part of Russia. Also, Russians don't forget Finland's collaboration with the Nazis.

For Putin, the calculus will be : 'Finland is run by fools, their military is hopeless, they are not NATO members and their 34 year old PM just insulted Trump. The possibility of the US helping them is now unlikely.'

The odds in favor of a Russian invasion just went up significantly.

When the tanks roll in, who will Finland turn to? They can forget Trump.

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3. Reminder: THIS is what these idiots gave us.

The US Navy's greatest HUMILIATION since WW2.

So as far as I'm concerned, all these empty-headed clowns can go take a hike.

Trump just showed the mullahs who is boss. I predict regime officials will now start to flee.

The end.

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BREAKING : FISC Chief Judge Collyer stepping down for 'health reasons'.

I bet she is. Imagine the horror discovering that DOJ dork Kevin Clinesmith (who I think will go away for life) frauded the court you led, multiple times.

If Clinesmith is involved, there will be others, too.

Collyer is a disgrace. Yes she was a naive fool, played by crooks. And she has started paying attention, way too late. But Collyer ignored victims who warned her a long time ago, esp Carter Page.

Good riddance.

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LINDSEY GRAHAM on FBI surveilling the Trump campaign: “Let’s put it this way, if you don’t have a legal foundation to surveil somebody and you keep doing it is that bad?”


”Is that spying?”

“It’s illegal surveillance.”

What a day. 😎

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Let's not forget the link between Tony Podesta and Ukraine, either.

Reminder : unless I've missed something, Podesta has not been seen since late 2016. He literally vanished.

Makes no sense. He was an extrovert and flamboyant.

That means he's in witness protection (WP), he was killed or he suicided. My bet is WP, because I'm pretty sure we'd know if it was the other 2 by now.

He may well be spilling the beans as events unfold. Wouldn't surprise me at all.

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GLENCORE now in the crosshairs of DOJ (US) & SFO (UK).

Bribery and money laundering.

No surprise they'd be experts in that. Remember Glencore was started by Bill Clinton's BFF, Marc Rich, who taught the Clinton's how to launder money through charities.

It is now owned by the Qataris, Blackrock & Rich's old buddies.

Another thing.

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2. The Clintons and Clinton Foundation are up to their necks in what's gone on with Rich and his crooked friends, ever since Glencore was founded.

All the way through to the 2016 election, no less.

Read the article below for more background, but it can't be just coincidental that Glencore is being targeted, right now.

Trump's going to get Crooked Hillary in epic fashion, for what she and Bill have done. Be in absolutely no doubt.

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I'm confused.

Is the terrorist an example of toxic masculinity?

Or are the guys who stopped him examples of toxic masculinity (esp Narwhal Man)?

Or are they all examples of toxic masculinity.

Can anyone of you QV geniuses clear this up for me?


Hey mate. Love your writings. One big question for you.

If Brennan was a Commie and fiercely loyal in his biases to Obama. What are the odds that he played a serious role in covering up that Obama night have been born in Kenya?

I’m not necessarily a birther, but I do see that Brennan would have done anything for Obama

The Democrats must now be thinking

“How can we stop this impeachment moving to the Senate?”


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This is what I speculated back on October 9.

There is no whistleblower.

It's Schiff making it up.

And I have a hunch Trump has known it, the whole time.

Schiff is going to be exposed as an utter crook, who suddenly found himself WAY out of his depth. Watch, learn, etc.

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By this point, I'm convinced that if President Trump tomorrow said he'd been wrong and we should send 100K troops into the contested area between Turkey and Syria, and that he would also tear down the wall on the southern border....

Everyone would call him a bloodthirsty warmonger with no concern for America's security from illegal immigration.

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