Again, congrats Saul.

End of the day, 99% of QV tooters are high quality thinkers and human beings.

That's important.

People are attracted to QUALITY.

I've been watching the steady growth of the platform and if we all stick to our guns, more and more like minded people will gravitate to QV.

There's a tipping point coming. The mass of new QV folk will cause the platform to explode in popularity. It will happen FAST and IMO, quite SOON.


Quality over quantity, always.

I believe in my bones that there are throes of good people out there, Conservative or not, who are sick of the shrillness of social media and desperately crave a place where they can have a sane exchange.

I am determined that this should be that place.

A starting point for a national dialogue, with the Federalist Papers as our guiding light.

We'll talk more about that.

When we reach 100,000 well be ready for prime time.

An army of digital Minutemen.

@Debradelai @REX

"You haven't blocked any users yet."

That's what it says when I look at the ⋮ button on my profile and select 'blocked users'.

I'm willing to block people.

It hasn't been necessary yet.

The reason should be self-evident, which is to say, if this was [a certain other social media site], I'd have blocked more than I follow already.



Lucky. I’ve blocked bigots before. Back in the early days of SQV. Maybe 5 if I have to guess.

@Debradelai @REX

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