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A friend of mine is falling deeper and deeper into wack territory.

She now believes vaccinations are intended to *cause* a certain amount of the diseases they are claimed to prevent, thus creating more demand for the vaccines. She is talking mostly about pet vaccinations. But by extension. Says it’s all grift and money grubbing.

She delivered a pup to a buyer from a breeder. A litter mate of that pup died “of Parvo” despite being vaccinated. The delivered pup got sick too. Vet said Parvo.

I am no fan of doodles as a popular mix, but I must say, Biscuit turned out absolutely beautiful. That’s a 3/4” body and legs and a 1.25” head.

We now owe less than $16K on our house. Our payments are mostly escrow and taxes now.

Of course, by the time we have the loan paid off, taxes will have risen so much that insurance and taxes will equal what we pay now.

What I am seeing on Twatter:

Every leftist: Woo hoo! They finally got him! And ha ha ha, the pubbies are silent!

Righties: waiting for actual facts to come out.

Recent visitors.

If I didn’t have an air conditioner in my grooming space, I could not do this. Even with it cranked full blast, it’s too dang hot in there. And I’m not the one wearing a fur coat!

Here are things I’ve seen elsewhere recently:

<clamoring for $15/hr as a living wage>
<shrieking that &15/hr is POVERTY>

<news of a sow bear with 3 cubs breaking into a car for food and all 4 being put down as dangerous>
<every single comment being how it was wrong because they were just hungry and we stole their land and there are too many humans>
<I say everyone says that but no one volunteers to be the first to go>

She doesn’t have money for all these Ubers. She doesn’t have a car. It’s a 1/2 hour drive for me to her house.

She just wants her son to survive. She already lost one child to being struck by a car.

That was around 1030 at night. By midnight, his hand got much worse. So she called 911, which did not send an ambulance. She paid for another Uber to take him back to the ER. They transferred him to another hospital. And neither of them has the faintest idea what’s going on, but she heard a nurse come into his room and say, are you ready to go home?

This young man is in no way ready to go home. But he is a drug addict on Medicaid so of course they won’t want to keep him.

I am watching my friend’s situation seem to go from bad to worse. Her adult son is a drug addict. He lives at home with her but is not and never really has been capable of making good choices. Drugs aren’t helping. There is very little help for drug addicts in Washington state. Recently he injected something and got an infection in his arm. It got so bad she finally paid for Uber to take him to the local hospital. She says they cleaned the wound, gave him oral antibiotics, and sent him home.

My youngest is now more determined than ever to present as male. Wants me to use preferred pronouns and chosen name

It’s ironic that she has no problem whatsoever demanding that I give up genuine my identity (non-girly mother of 4 non-girly daughters) so that she can have her imaginary one.

My daughter and I have had multiple disagreements about TIM (trans identified men) threatening “TERFs” with baseball bats and rape, vs what she sees as Trump supporters on 1/6.

But anybody can put on a red hat and drape a cheap flag around their shoulders. It doesn’t make them Trumpists. They may be. May be not.

Pretty sure the pink haired TIMs with “kill all TERFs” tattooed on their arms and threatening to rape women with their girldicks are exactly what they appear to be.

A bird of prey killed at least one of my pigeons yesterday. :(. I found one deceased, huge gouts of blood and feathers all over the walkway 10’ from my front door. One simply didn’t come home.

I know, circle of life, hakuna matata and all that. I feel bad though. I had so enjoyed letting them out to frolic in the air.

Listening to my 22 year old daughter talk to herself as she diligent makes a plush animal by hand as a gift for her twin’s birthday:

“Now I have to make the wings symmetrical. Ha ha ha. Handmade symmetry is a myth.”
“Oh no! Nonononononono!! I have to start over, dammit!”
“Why does the pattern want me to make the tail now?? Whatever. It says make it next, so I’m making it next.”

This goes on for hours. It’s fascinating. She processes her thoughts aloud.

He was in severe decline. I was humane.

Given the severity of his injuries, I’m surprised he lasted as long as he did.

Day 3: I have force fed it pigeon seeds, one by one, enough that its crop is palpably full. I am not sure it’s digesting. It drinks constantly.

Yesterday it flopped around and got the injured leg in a bad position. When I checked on it, it was just sitting there shaking (pain, I assume). I repositioned it and the shaking stopped.

It is more vigorous, trying to escape when I approach. I am trying to think of a way to immobilize the injured leg in a good position.

Daily dog tax. This is Olive, Lilly Mae, Remi and Oliver.

Lilly Mae is so old she is fragile, and she has no teeth.

Have taken in a very badly injured pigeon. It has a leg band I will try to trace, but I doubt the owner will want back a bird with the use of one leg even if it survives. The whole right leg hangs limp, bruised. The metal leg band is slightly deformed from a crushing force.

It is drinking frantically and eating a little. It’s watching my birds with interest. I am giving CBD for what must be ungodly pain. It wants to live. If it starts getting the look that says, I’m done, I’ll put it down.

I've been working on this for a while - wanting to do it, and then finally setting about going through the process from start to finish.

I grow barley fodder, fall through spring, for my hens that do not free range. It's a nutritious addition to their diet (not the whole diet) and the egg yolks are rich orange. But I couldn't find a video to show me how to do it for anything less than huge trays at a time. So I made one myself using a process I have perfected:

Someone I’ve known for twenty years or so has become more extreme the longer he has lived in the Bay area. It must be one heck of an echo chamber!

His post tonight about the “guide stones” having been blown up with high explosives was to assume it was Christian radicals.

That’s a big jump when we have no video of people planting the explosives, but (oddly) video of the explosion.

I’d never even heard of these stones before. Looks like a let’s blow shit up! Thing to me.

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