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I'm curious: why are we supposed to care that the Obamas are buying a mega-mansion and estate?

This is part of a costume project. The scarf is a critical detail for the costume. It was knit on a 1974 Knit Magic toy crank-handle knitting machine.

Sorry about the soundtrack. Kid was watching a video in the same room.

The Betta fish recovered from yesterday’s attempt to parboil them. I love that they are smart enough to know where their food comes from.

I realized when I watched the video after making it, that my fish’s (beautiful) behavior was unusual because the water was too warm. 94F is WAY too warm. One of my kids had pulled the thermostat probe out and the heater just kept heating with nothing to tell it to stop.

So the temp is coming down slowly. Now at 86F. The probe is in place again, so the heater will turn back on normally at 80F.

Little Brown Hen is doing so well with the other hens, I may be able to remove her pink Hen Saddle soon. but her wing feathers are still growing in, and pinfeathers have a very big blood supply attached. If one is broken, she will lose a lot of blood (dangerous).

I will go out with a dustpan today and pick up random stray bits of trash that will inevitably have happened with that many people, that much food, that much food packaging.

I don't know if it's cultural or what, but this particular set of neighbors doesn't seem to mind when the crows get into their trash and strew everything around on trash day.

In the evening, four little girls, each as bright as a button, sat in the big swinging bench in our traffic circle and carried on cheerful conversations with me. I learned all their names, ages, the ages of all their siblings, all about Eid (today) and how they have to get their hair braided and they HATE sitting still for it, what they do at daycare, and all about the family cars and phones. :D :D :D

The Gambian neighbors' party was HUGE! And everyone was wearing the most amazing clothes! Most of the outfits were made of a kind of polished cotton, and the women either wore hijab or a wrapped, elaborate fabric headdress.

The food was not spicy. :D

I don't know what language they were speaking amongst themselves, but I mostly sat there politely and smiled. I got to see the new baby (so sweet!). His great-grandma was holding him when he wasn't being passed around to all the aunties.

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