I saw a bald eagle this morning soaring over the little town of Bothell Washington. The white of its tail flashed so bright that I had to look twice to make sure it wasn’t a drone, it looked so metallic.

By this point, I'm convinced that if President Trump tomorrow said he'd been wrong and we should send 100K troops into the contested area between Turkey and Syria, and that he would also tear down the wall on the southern border....

Everyone would call him a bloodthirsty warmonger with no concern for America's security from illegal immigration.

@bwa_aptos .....don't refugees get all kinds of assistance? That's what struck me as strange.


If EVERY TOOTER contributed even 5.00 per month, you'd be in good shape!!

Come on, people!! Let's dig deep for this amazing platform!!

@bwa_aptos I saw a woman in a sari today, with a scarf over her head (not a typical hijab, but it may have been anyway). She was begging in front of a grocery store, holding a sign that said, paraphrased:

"Refuge (sic) No money. No food. Help please." She had the usual baby in a stroller at her side.

@JM @prchrskd I’ve had people calling me names on Twatter all morning for pointing that out.

Waiting for the GCC to put down the ISIS escapees.


I do not think this person was born female. I wish fervently that news outlets would STOP calling such people 'women' in this kind of article. Because that's not what happened.

@StevenDouglas @Debradelai @SteveInSC @ThomasWic

I have observed this vocal tic in one of my daughters. In her case, it's insecurity in her statements, just in case she might not be right.

I make hats. It is my current obsession. And I help little kids learn to make one also using my Addi Express loom. These are soft, warm, and do NOT give you a hat headache. I love the curled edges.

@ThomasWic I take that back. That’s center body. Feeding tube is more to the left side. :/.

@ThomasWic it’s in the right location for a stoma (feeding tube to stomach or jejunum). My grandmother had a colostomy bag but it was on her right side, not left. Could be an insulin or other pump but the ones I’ve seen are lower profile.

In all the talking-head commentary I’m seeing on twatter about the Kurds and Syria, I am seeing zero mentions of the GCC.

It's kind of odd. I used to be able to double-click on 'Home' or "Local Time Line' and it would refresh. Now I have to refresh the whole page. Is this a setting I'm missing somehow?

@oystergirl I will say, though, it scares me every time to handle that Xacto knife. I keep thinking it may slip.

@oystergirl I'd love to see what you do?

I bought an original wallpaper for the mansion attic (ebay, $18). It is very beat up (from 1983, no surprise). I scanned it and had a friend laser-cut the pattern pieces for the attic wallpaper from 1/8" clear acrylic. It makes a perfect attic wallpaper when all pieces are joined with paper drywall tape and a glue stick. (this gives rigidity that other tapes weren't providing). I can replicate this forever with the templates.

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