Not all of them are. Apparently the newest thing is for women to get fake penises attached (constructed from skin taken elsewhere) while retaining their girly bits. To be “true” hermaphrodites.

Lots of MTF trans people don’t bother with “bottom” surgery at all, they just want breasts.

I have even seen reports of people being stripped of all secondary sexual characteristics so they can “be truly neuter.”

I expect more variants to appear as NB or Trans isn’t “enough”.

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I’m so tired of The Binary. It’s so restrictive that it limits what men and women can be. You like knitting? Must be a woman. Didn’t play with dolls as a kid? Must be a boy. Use power tools? Must be a man. Women don’t do that.

When people turn men’s bathrooms into all-sex and leave women’s alone, I’ll pay attention. But they don’t. Why not? Because men can and will repel the invasion with force. Someone will get hurt. Women get intruded upon? Oh well.

So it turns out my daughter who believes thoroughly in the gender self-ID nonsense, actually acknowledges that humans are a sexually dimorphic species.

She came down last night after her online driving class to tell us about how airbags are designed using crash test dummies based on men, which is why women are more likely to be injured by the airbag, and children can be killed by them.

I kept this observation to myself, but it amused me. Hubby noticed it too.

The tan and gray dog is an Australian Terrier. I’d never seen one before. I think he turned out very nice considering all I had to go by are internet photos of show dogs. They have a fascinating ruff around the neck that I’ve never seen on any other breed.


The tree’s rootball was lifting the corner of the garage and skewing the frame of the garage door. Douglas fir trees have a shallow root base - we could not have safely severed the problem roots without basically guaranteeing it would fall on the neighbor’s house.

Another neighbor is taking all the wood. He is in a financial bind. I don’t care if he sells it or whatever. He is hauling it off in his big trailer.


Maybe it killed them. Even a small amount of marijuana will kill a dog. People who throw their stinky pot butts (in pot-legs states like WA and CO) can kill a dog and not even know it. Dogs are drawn to stinky things and will eat things without their owners seeing it.


I like to split kindling. Larger pieces require more brawn and good shoulders. But kindling is fun to split by hand!


I shouldn’t have done it. But I wanted the driveway back. Our cul de sac doesn’t have enough parking for all the cars if we and next door folks can’t use our driveways.

I will likely be paying for this for a while. My shoulders and wrists ache. My legs are all one big bruise.

But you can’t beat an30 ton hydraulic splitter. Very little it won’t do.

On 11/19, we had a 100’+ tall mature Douglas Fir taken down into rounds at the front of the house and piled in my driveway. It was 32” in diameter at 4’6” (DBH) from the ground.

Today it is entirely split and ready to season. I probably did 1/2 of it myself with a 30 ton hydraulic splitter.

Now, about the 3 more trees taken down on the 17th and piled on my next door neighbor’s driveway…


I ran into this crap in the mid 80s at Washington State University. Took “remedial math for women” (this was not the real name of the class and how I wound up in the class is a whole ‘mother story).

On Tuesdays we learned to use quadrille paper to keep out equations tidy. And o. Thursdays we learned to hate all men because “oppression”.

For a while I got hooked. Then I realized my male friends weren’t oppressing anyone - they were just trying to get by, like me.


You’re so right.

When I am grooming dogs, it’s genuinely hard and unbelievably dirty work. But they also get scritches and kisses and hugs. Every one of them. Because I can.

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I didn’t listen to him. I watched without sound.

That guy is pretty clearly a few bricks short of a pallet.

@BirdDog @Debradelai

I expect there will be torches and pitchforks when the man on the street (not street people) start getting hungry because no diesel powered vehicles bring in food.

It has to be a form of madness. You don’t cure it. You can only put it down like a rabid dog.


Still $4.59 I’m the greater Seattle region, alas. And our idiot governor wants to slap another $.60/gal on for…whatever he thinks is valid.

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