It's very strange to drive around my quiet little suburb, and go to the grocery store where people of every race and nationality shop peacefully and courteously (and mostly 6' apart with masks on). And then look at the news, and other communities have dissolved into smoke, flames, and chaos.

I've been trying to find an old Wictor thread about a fight on LiveLeak in China, where a big guy was bullying and pushing a small guy, and when the small guy had taken enough, he fought back and landed a fatal blow to the big guy's head. Decorticate or decerebrate posturing. Followed by Wictor saying basically, "And this, folks, is why you don't join in riots. The human body is frailer than most people - especially most 'tough guys' - realize.

@Cdubois His family BEGGED people not to riot. For all the good that did.

I guess if you are going to make an omelette, even if people around you don't like them or want them, then you have to break a few eggs. And it doesn't matter how many get broken and then aren't used for the omelette.

Bizarrely, when I've pointed out that tomorrow, there won't be a drugstore or a grocery store etc., for people who need them and who weren't participating in these riots, and folks are saying, "So? This has been simmering a long time."

Today has bewildered me.

A friend I've known for 20+ years tells me that Black Bloc anarchists are good for POC minorities, for whom "archy" has not worked well.

Riots are spreading to many cities, including to Seattle. Of course. I'm sure Portland will join in soon.

People whose opinions I have at least understood until recently have gone *spang* off in bizarre directions.

And I'm just lost.


That’s insane. The psychological toll alone on children, trying to force compliance....

@LawrenceRoberts If Gates is on the autism spectrum, as I have heard over the years including people who observed him at in-person events, the failure to perform expressions correctly may be part of who he is.

Even though these things can sometimes be learned or coached, it’s still a performance. And not everyone is a good actor.

This is quite apart from what I think of his *ideas*.

We found a dog for my parents. The ad was probably only on Craigslist for a short time before one brother saw it; I called the lady and asked lots of questions, another brother’s daughter lives nearest, so she got the dog. She brought her to other brother’s house. I groomed her as best I could. Mom and dad came from their place, met her and took her home.

We had a mini reunion. It was precious.

@Joycevor thank you. Right now all the shelters are closed locally. :(

Desperately ISO a poodle mix, non shedding female do, 15-25 lbs, for my parents. They lost they elderly ooodle in a horrible traumatizing way 3 days ago and they are looking urgently for a dog to live with them. I can arrange transport.


You can buy apple-flavored invermectin wormer paste for horses on Amazon for like $6 and adjust dosage for weight.

I am not recommending you do this. In fact, it's probably a very stupid idea. But people in the Q&A section say they have taken it for assorted parasitic issues without harm because they can't afford the prescription-for-humans variety, or their doctors wouldn't prescribe it. I know it's used on ruminants, swine, fowl and horses. Widely available and cheap.

Today's project: replace the rotten uprights on my side gate with new cedar ones. Much better. Still need to replace the hinges on the inside but they're on order.

Today is supposedly 'Trans Day of Visibility'.

The problem is not that they're invisible. That's what they think it is.

The problem is that for some reason, people persist in seeing what they see, and not what they're told to see.


Yes. I am going to have to go back through old inventory and re-list (or donate) things that fell off my radar or were deferred as out of season. It's better than nothing, but I miss just wandering around and looking at stuff for an hour or two.

These baby Japanese quail (Coturnix quail) hatched in my incubator from eggs from the Asian mart. I got a 5% hatch rate (2 out of 40 eggs). That any hatched at all is amazing to me: the eggs were at least a month old, and had been refrigerated and shipped from CA to WA. Yet here they are: testaments to how tough birds really are.

For the record, I don't really prefer to be this domestic. Today has consisted of:

Starting the bread maker, discovering a pound of hamburger in the bottom of the fridge and deciding to make taco meat out of it, making masks, making a mask tutorial, and feeding the chickens.

I miss going to thrift stores for eBay inventory. But they're all closed now.

Just in case anybody wants to make a mask for themselves or for others, I have made a step-by-step thread on Twatter, with pictures. This can be done by hand if you don't have a sewing machine, just make tiny careful stitches.

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