On 11/19, we had a 100’+ tall mature Douglas Fir taken down into rounds at the front of the house and piled in my driveway. It was 32” in diameter at 4’6” (DBH) from the ground.

Today it is entirely split and ready to season. I probably did 1/2 of it myself with a 30 ton hydraulic splitter.

Now, about the 3 more trees taken down on the 17th and piled on my next door neighbor’s driveway…


Just so you know what the error is, this is the error I get when attempt to load VIP Room vids using the app. All other QV vids load, but not the membership only VIP ones.

I can access via my regular browser, so that is what I do. But prefer the app because my phone can multitask while I listen.

If Charlie gets a single flea, he starts chewing his hair off. And then he just keeps chewing.

I am getting this error trying to comment on Odysee. True when it was live and now in replay.

My first giant schnauzer. She weighed about 120 lbs. she was gentle and scaredy, and SO very dirty. Owner was delighted!

I am no fan of doodles as a popular mix, but I must say, Biscuit turned out absolutely beautiful. That’s a 3/4” body and legs and a 1.25” head.

Recent visitors.

If I didn’t have an air conditioner in my grooming space, I could not do this. Even with it cranked full blast, it’s too dang hot in there. And I’m not the one wearing a fur coat!

That was around 1030 at night. By midnight, his hand got much worse. So she called 911, which did not send an ambulance. She paid for another Uber to take him back to the ER. They transferred him to another hospital. And neither of them has the faintest idea what’s going on, but she heard a nurse come into his room and say, are you ready to go home?

This young man is in no way ready to go home. But he is a drug addict on Medicaid so of course they won’t want to keep him.

Daily dog tax. This is Olive, Lilly Mae, Remi and Oliver.

Lilly Mae is so old she is fragile, and she has no teeth.

I wanted to pass along to @ThomasWic since he was discussing getting a natural gas generator. That it will have to be bolted down like the Space Needle because the sound will attract thieves from the whole area in earshot.

Today’s visitors. Lexi, Brittany, Bella and Tikvah (which means ‘Hope’ in Hebrew). This larger than usual slate has given me an excuse to stay in the grooming shed with the air conditioner all day.

We don’t know what to do with Lola, our dog.

After a 7 month peace, she bit someone again. This time it was a daughter who reached to take a bag of treats away.

We have taken all this time to get Lola to trust us and become a normal dog, to give her a stable and normal life. But my husband is beside himself with anger, frustration and worry about this bite and the inevitable next one. Because there will be one.

I can’t imagine where she could safely be rehomed. And don’t want to kill her.

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