On 11/19, we had a 100’+ tall mature Douglas Fir taken down into rounds at the front of the house and piled in my driveway. It was 32” in diameter at 4’6” (DBH) from the ground.

Today it is entirely split and ready to season. I probably did 1/2 of it myself with a 30 ton hydraulic splitter.

Now, about the 3 more trees taken down on the 17th and piled on my next door neighbor’s driveway…



I shouldn’t have done it. But I wanted the driveway back. Our cul de sac doesn’t have enough parking for all the cars if we and next door folks can’t use our driveways.

I will likely be paying for this for a while. My shoulders and wrists ache. My legs are all one big bruise.

But you can’t beat an30 ton hydraulic splitter. Very little it won’t do.

@Chotiari Looks like it was a good sound tree. Wondering why you took it down? Too big for your lot maybe?
You did a lot of work. Are you going to stack it now?


The tree’s rootball was lifting the corner of the garage and skewing the frame of the garage door. Douglas fir trees have a shallow root base - we could not have safely severed the problem roots without basically guaranteeing it would fall on the neighbor’s house.

Another neighbor is taking all the wood. He is in a financial bind. I don’t care if he sells it or whatever. He is hauling it off in his big trailer.

@Chotiari Ah.. thanks. I worked there for 20 years (USFS) and know the problem all too well. Glad your neighbor can benefit from the wood and you don't have to stack it. I just stacked a couple of cords of red oak. A bit sore.. God bless.

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