Local woman and her dog were struck in a hit-and-run. The woman was grievously injured and faces a long recovery. The dog died. :( They are raising money for medical bills. I suppose if/when the driver is caught, his insurance may help. If he has any.

I hope the man is caught. He probably panicked and doesn’t know how to proceed, but that doesn’t fix the problem.

Thursday, my youngest was on a drive to see her friend. Traffic was stop and go and it was raining very hard. At one point, she bumped the pick up truck in front of her with our minivan. The pickup truck pulled off to the shoulder, but she panicked and kept driving. By the time she reached me because my phone was out of earshot, about 15 minutes had elapsed and that’s how far she had driven. I advised her to pull off immediately and wait while I consulted our retired LEO neighbor.

Neighbor advised her to call 911 and report her self so that it would not be hit and run. There is no damage to the plastic bumper cover of our van, and unlikely any to the trailer hitch or steel bumper of the truck. Eventually, someone called our daughter back from state patrol probably, and said the other driver did not call it in, so she could go.

All this is to say that I do see how someone could panic. I do.

I hope the driver who struck that woman and her dog is caught soon.

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