I have parted ways with my friend if more than 10 years. Some of you have seen part of the story, her house burned down a couple of years ago, the trailer they were given to live in burn down more recently than that, she’s been living with no water or electricity. She delivers dogs from breeders to owners by driving around the country. And she listens to endless YouTube videos while she drives. She has become progressively more radicalized until I stated I would not discuss politics anymore.

Or vaccines… And of course she took that as a reason to go on another rant about politics and vaccines. And then she said I know you don’t like me anymore but… Another screed. Then she said I won’t bother you again. Two days later she’s back with another link to yet another video explaining why she has come to believe what she believes. I haven’t been watching them. I haven’t replied. But I’m done, I am running out, and I’m tired. I’ve watched her do this repeatedly over the years.


I have blocked her from texting me. I will not answer her phone calls. I will not read her emails. I cannot stop her from dropping by my house and as I do have stored at my house a couple of decent quality guitars belonging to her son, I would allow that for retrieval. But I’m done.

And I’m sad. I feel desolate, bereft, and perhaps a little cold.

I have never asked for much. And I have given and given and given. My time, energy, assistance.

And I realize I told this story a couple of days ago. I’m sorry. I’m grieving.

@Chotiari Have you contacted her son that you want the guitars out of the house?

And sometimes the best way to release grief is to express it and let it go.

@Timmerax @Chotiari Yup. You gotta tell a bad story a lot to take the sting away. This is exactly the purpose of therapy. I think many of us have had similar experiences. I had a couple of not very close friends disown me due to my politics, although I was always accepting of our differences. Grieve, but move on and find another good friend.

@Chotiari hard to make sense of some things life throws at you! Once the hyrt goes away you will feel relieved and happier

@YoungBlood @Chotiari
Some people are bottomless pits of need. Feel no guilt for not drowning in it.

@Chotiari. No problem. Situations like this one have happened to many of us.

Replacing good friends isn't that easy, imo. However, your friend isn't the same person whose company once gave you joy. Believe me you're not alone. Many relationships have been severed during the Trump years, lol!


You made the right decision. The good Lord puts ppl in our lives for a season and may remove them when He wants you to move into a new direction in life.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens”


Titus 3:10 says:
Reject a factious man after a first and second warning,

@Chotiari I’m sorry you had to make that decision and it will take you some time to adjust to it. Stay strong and trust that you made a good choice to take care of you! I’ve been there.


Similar, but different.

I too experienced grief when I brought a 20 year friendship to its endpoint.

I tend to keep relationships going far too long, especially with people I’ve known for decades.

The straw that broke the camel’s back? During our last conversation she said “a chair isn’t a chair”.

I also stopped going to my massage therapist when she told me “the only word that has true meaning is the the word ‘word’.

Really nice people, but I have zero interest in this.

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