A woman posted on the local FB group. She had been walking in a sidewalk and stopped to read a sign.
From behind her, a short white older man out for a jog suddenly screamed that she should “get out if the f’ing way!”, went around her and continued on.
She proceeded to opine delicately that perhaps this had been race based as she is Japanese and with all the anti-Asian violence…

Cue ALL the groveling apologies that she had been through such an awful thing.

I played devils advocate: perhaps this was the verbal equivalent of blaring your horn at an idiot driver who made you swerve, and that since the jogger had not actually used a racial slur when he could have, it might not have been racist at all.

Oh no, came the replies. Minorities KNOW when something is racist because they deal with it constantly and I should stop making apologies for such behavior.


I know how Japanese culture treats non-Japanese, but bringing that up wouldn’t help.


Personally, I still think the jogger was aggravated because an oblivious pedestrian stopped without warning and made the jogger risk a collision or a fall.

Jogging on the sidewalk carries these risks.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.