A woman I know who is in the throes of backlash against a conservative religious upbringing was watching the John Wayne movie the Green Berets the other night and declared it to be 50% fascist propaganda. I don’t think she even knows what Fascism is unless she takes her definition from Wikipedia. Every other source of definition says dictatorship, with suppression of opponents and differing opinions.

No idea what she thinks it’s called when leftists do these things.


I see leftists calling anyone not as far left as they are, “fascist”. And rightists doing the same.

Anyway, The Green Berets is presumably about military matters, where leadership is strict, and the rules are different from civilian society.

And was written and produced when real WWII fascism was well within recent memory.

She’ll be one of the “friends” who would gladly put me in prison or up against a wall for transphobia.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.