This thread that came up in my timeline on Twatter. Someone I follow retweeted it; I do not follow the poster. It appears there was a huge protest that got put down by the Boston PD. IT's from the POV of one of the protesters, so I have no idea what the POV of the BPD is.


@Donada It does sound that way, yes. But it sounds like there was a Proud Boys march or similar, and Antifa showed up, and what concerns me is kettling people, not allowing them to disperse as ordered, and then (if this part is true) punishing them for not dispersing. Were they actually being peaceful as this woman said, and suddenly the boom came down? I can't tell.

I think it might be that the police were not going to allow anyone to get out of line or provoke an incident. She states she came to fo just that and she was prepared with extra bandanas and clothes in her backpack for when she was pepper sprayed. Note I didn't say in case she was. and neither did she

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