I showed the chapter called "Shopping with Svetlana" from _Someone's Got To Say It_ by Neal Boortz to one of my 20 year old college daughters last night.

She read it in silence. When she got to the end, she said, "Ooh."

If you haven't read it, it goes like this:

Boortz and his wife went to Russia shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union. They stayed with a wealthy 'elite' couple who lived in an apartment the size of a large bedroom. They went grocery shopping with them.

First to the bread store: they found a loaf of stale bread. Then to the cheese store. They found a bit. Then to the meat store for something that looked like it had been pulling a wagon previously. There were no veggies at the vegetable store. And they had dinner.

And these were 'wealthy' 'higher up' 'elite' Russians, mind you. At least they didn't have to wait in line.

A few months later, the Russian couple visited them in Florida and marveled at the size and beauty of their ordinary middle-class house.

Then they went to a farmer's market, full of heaps of bright fruit, vegetables, and vendors of every kind.

The Russian woman stopped a few feet inside the entry, tears running down her face, staring around.

"Who can shop here?" she asked, overwhelmed.

And that is the difference between communism and capitalism. Everyone who advocates for it thinks they'll be among the elite, with no concept what that actually means.


Even the poorest in capitalist countries, even those in "food deserts" have access to more and better food than almost anyone in communist countries.

Yes, I think "Ooh" out of my daughter was evidence that she *gets it*.



The question,
"Who can shop here?" tells the story, doesn't it?

@Cdubois @Chotiari
If the Bernies and AOCs have their way, it would only be them and their fellow communist leaders shopping there!

@Cdubois seriously. Because under communism, different strata were assigned to different stores. Here someone may say, but the poor can’t afford to shop at Saks Fifth Avenue and that’s not fair!

Except there is a difference between not shopping somewhere because you have no money and not shopping because you will be punished if you do.

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