This little fellow turned up in my neighborhood. I’ve posted signs, on Craigslist, Facebook, Nextdoor, and the local animal shelter. So far nobody is claiming him. I’m worried he was dumped.

A lady on Nextdoor thinks she saw somebody dump the little chihuahua. So if nobody claims him in a week I’ll have to start looking for a family for him.


Is he chipped?

Does the tag have any useful information on it?

@EarlThePearls He is chipped, but the number isn’t registered anywhere as far as I can tell. No collar, so no tags.


Can you take him in to a vet to see if he's microchipped?

@Chotiari poor thing. Stay away from Craigslist. Those into dogfighting will come for him.

@stephanieanne I agree. Though my second dog came from Craigslist, via a friend who had him for several years, so some dogs do get lucky.

If no one claims him I will probably try to find him a home by word of mouth.

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