Women on Spinster are celebrating the death of David Koch. "One down, one to go."

Yeah. I bet I don't stay there very long. They're touting it as a "safe place for women". But it's really only safe if you're a radical feminist, hate men, hate conservatives, and so on. When I said so, I was told I must think I'm pretty special, wanting a red carpet rolled out for me.

Yeah. Sisterhood. Yay.


These women will never feel safe, and they want you to feel the same way.

They want to be the ones granting you permission, instead of the men they hate.

There is a sisterhood, but it's not some twisted cloistered band of unhappy harpies.

@Lemonhead @Wendy @Chotiari

David Koch just passed?!! Checking it out, because interesting timing with politics, China, and Europe.



Why did they hate him so much...he was anti-
Trump, an open boarders mass immigration lover and was giving millions to Dems this election cycle.

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