Twin2, 19.

T2: "Mom, we're out of hamburger buns."
Me: "So what are you saying?"
T2: "I'm saying we're out of buns and I want to make myself a hamburger."
Me: "Do you want me to go to the store and buy some buns?"
T2: "Well, we're out of them. Somebody ate the last one."
Me: "So, do you want me to go to the store and buy some?"
T2, exasperated: "Would you please go to the store and buy some buns?"
Me, getting up, "Yes."

Why is it this difficult?


You're better than I am. I'd tell him to eat it on sliced bread and be happy he has hamburger! 😂

@Elaines2cents Believe it or not, we're STILL working on getting this kid to say what she wants. She gets distraught, wrings her hands, etc. So when she does the desired thing (asks directly for something), the answer is likely yes.

I suspect she's on the autism spectrum, like her daddy and I and her oldest sister. But she may just have other difficulties. She had a very, very difficult neonatal period and infancy. Very sick baby. Healthy now!!


Well then, I'd pick myself up out of my chair and drive to the store too then! ❤️


If you have any bread at all in the house, T2 can just be creative and...

Make a square hamburger and put it on regular bread.

Roll hamburger into a log shape and put it into a hotdog bun.

Use a toasted english muffin. (My personal favorite)

Make a pita-burger sandwich.


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