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If trends continue, the US will be under 10 covid-19, deaths per day on September 22.

COVID-19 June 01 USA infection by State

USA Daily Survival Rate = 96.0%

World Cases Mild 98% Serious 2%

USA Total infections -1,837,170

6 states NY,NJ,IL,MA,CA,PA=51%

33 States-99%⤴️ Persons No Infections
17 States-99%⤵️ Persons No Infections

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For those looking for the clip of
Lori Lightfoot telling President
"f--- you," here ya go.

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Our great President
is correct. These riots are well organized THUGS!

COVID-19 May 30 USA infection by State

USA Daily Survival Rate = 96.0%

World Cases Mild 98% Serious 2%

USA Total infections -1,816,820

5 states NY,NJ,IL,MA,CA=48%

33 States-⤴️99% Persons No Infections

17 States-⤵️99% Persons No Infections


I forgot to mention around 5:30 ish or so, an emergency alert was sent. Go to your homes and stay inside. Condos were telling residents the doors will be locked after 5:30. Nobody allowed in, nobody allowed out.

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Graham Gilbert

Police officers face this craziness everyday. Now everyone gets to see it in its full “glory”.

The vast vast vast majority of cops are good actors.

There’s zero respect for the rule of law in many communities. God bless and thank you CPD!

I love Chicago

Jeremy Gorner

Now there’s a guy on horseback at Dearborn and Hubbard.

Jeremy Gorner

At least two people just got led away by police at State and Hubbard.

Note CPD does not carry shields.

It slows them down when chasing the protesters.

Tweet by Chicago Tribune reporter
Jeremy Gorner @JeremyGorner

Chicago police live on cnn seems to be enjoying the protests and fighting with civilians 🤔 😉

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1 SEEDS . Minneapolis
LA +200
Atlanta +500
Chicago +600
Field +2500

A- Option Maple Bourbon wash or Maple Rum wash
2 -3 tablespoons Pure Maple Syrup to 1-1/2 Oz Bourbon or Rum
after 18+ minutes in oven, spray or lightly brush Maple wash on one side then
return to oven for 1 – 2 minutes
Option: Fresh Cracked Black pepper while cooling
For salads - Crumble or chop before using.

Speaking from personal experience. Be mindful and careful of the clear hot bacon grease on bottom of cookie sheet.

(Picture Homer Simson saying – “Ohhh Candied Bacon!” and quickly reaching to take a piece from the bottom of sheet) Hence, note to self, use raised rack to elevate bacon.

Lay the seasoned bacon on raised rack over cookie sheet lined with parchment paper or foil.
(don’t have a cookie rack, lay parchment paper on cookie sheet and place bacon on paper.)
Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F.

Put in 375f oven (place center rack) for 20 to 25 minutes. The bacon thickness and your oven temperature may vary.

Bake until dark brown and almost completely crisp (the bacon will continue to crisp as it cools),
Transfer to paper towels to cool.

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