john Kass:

What do we talk about when we talk about 9/11?

When those New York firefighters and cops and other first responders rushed into those towers, nobody heckled them about being systemically racist oppressors.

Nobody cared about the color of their skin.

Nobody damned the men for the sins of patriarchy.



Strike while the iron is hot.

While the Taliban celebrates, the Afghans start retaking their country.

The former Afghan vice president says that Biden and NATO don't matter anymore.

And THAT means our friends the Saudis are there.

Our problem is that we refuse to treat Thirld Worlders as real people.


So they use our condescension to rob us blind.

Illegal aliens from Mexico and Central and South America are tough, shockingly resourceful people who will rob us blind as long as we let them.

They are NOT our inferiors. They are our equals.

Which we refuse to accept.

Can angry wasps ruin the Olympics like a picnic?

By John Kass

I missed the closing ceremonies of the Tokyo Olympic Games on Sunday and didn’t watch much of the games, either. That’s not a brag or a confession of sin.

It is what it is. I just missed it. I wasn’t compelled the way I had been.

My brother was also banned for life today for donating to conservative causes.

My response is "So what?"

I switched to Zelle, and now I'm fine.

I used Paypal only for eBay and my accidentally adopted son.

Once he gets Zelle, we'll carry on.

But if you use Paypal, be prepared to be banned. The User Agreement changed on August 2, so now you can't donate to anyone but Democrats.

Hey @Debradelai

Let's talk about this on Beard Blather and point out how politically suicidal it is.

Compare 2020 and 2021 COVID-19 data Rankings of the Top 10 States

New Cases - 43,038
1-Florida 2-California 3-Texas

New Deaths - 467
1-Texas 2-Florida 3-Louisiana

New Cases - 21,768
1-Califorina 2-Texas 3-New York

New Deaths - 64
1-Texas 2-Arkansas 3-New York

(Additional New Deaths Veteran Affairs-6)

Vaccinated persons infected - 469

Infected persons with no symptoms - 195 = .42

Displayed COVID symptoms. - 274 = .58

Went to hospital - 4 = .008

Went to ICU = 0

Deaths = 0

Before vaccinations, 469

infected times 2% = 9 deaths

The purpose of the COVID vaccines is to keep you out of the hospital, or if you do go to the hospital out of ICU.

The vaccines were developed to prevent deaths and reduce or eliminate medical costs.

The article validates those points.

Vaccines administered: 340,363,922

Deaths before vaccines for 65+: 244,603

Deaths after being Vaccinated: 5,299

Statistically, death due to vaccination 0 = (0.000016)

Before the vaccine.

Statistically, across all ages 2% would have died.

However, those persons ages 65 and older, up to 21+% could die.

" The CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report shows that 74% of the 469 infected in the outbreak, which were linked to the popular tourist location Provincetown in Cape Cod, were fully vaccinated before they became ill, and of those who were vaccinated and contracted COVID-19, 274 displayed symptoms with four requiring hospitalization."

I am part of the MODERNA study.

I was vaccinated August 2020 and fully vaccinated September 2020.

In late march of 2021, I contracted COVID.

I did not know until I went for my monthly check in and blood draw for the Study.

They called and said I have been exposed.

I incurred no doctor visits nor hospital visits, and no medications.

Nor was I bed ridden.

I played 18 holes of golf three days a week, walking.

I experienced zero breathing issues.

A friend sent me a Newsmax article titled:

"CDC: Most of Those Infected in Massachusetts Covid Outbreak Fully Vaccinated |"

Here is the link:

He wrote:

"Facts is facts! Hard to justify inoculation of serous that does not work."

I beg to differ.

The article states people were infected, but nobody died.

I went golfing Sunday. I got paired with a nice guy. I have known him for years.

He is 67 years of age and a full blown liberal.

Politics are not on our list of discussions.

I asked if he had received his COVID vaccination.

"Nope." He said. "I am not getting Trumps' experimental vaccines."

I smiled and told him. "It's your decision."

Monday, I sent him this data, and wrote.

You have told me when it comes to COVID, to "Follow the science."

The psychopath doesn't know that others have precious lives, so the psychopath operates like the Islamic State and the Imperial Japanese.

Both ended up on the ash heap of history.

You have nothing to fear from psychopaths.

All you need to do is learn about their weaknesses and then exploit them.

The way Trump does.

The best is yet to come.


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