I missed this one.

Reporter's Beta male boyfriend stands by helplessly as his drunk sweetheart talks herself into being arrested and then fired.

She later claimed that she wasn't drunk but had been drugged in the comedy club.

"This regime has no regard for the welfare of its citizens... There is no reason to believe $5 billion dollars from the IMF will be used by the Iranian government for humanitarian needs."

And of course, that poignant moment when the President's golf swing and the Hillary met. 😎 🤔

I had the Hong Kong flu in 1969 as a small boy. My mother did as well.

There were 100,000 deaths from the Hong Kong flu in the USA in 1968-69.

I was extremely ill with high fevers. My memories of it are vague because I was so young. I was home recovering for a few weeks. I do remember my father carrying me to the car to go the hospital, wrapped in a blanket.

Both my mother and I made a full recovery.

errorists will not escape the American justice system,and the zero hour may start hitting terrorists soon.As US military commanders have been ordered by the Pentagon to prepare for an operation against pro-Iran Kataib Hezbollah in to destroy the group. Iranian-backed Al-Nujaba’a movement shares this photo of burning the with a note “The defining moment"

Note: Iraqi Hizballah dares to publish a ridiculous picture, as you can see,

China has clearly corrupted the WHO.

Check out this SOB Aylward - yet another servile lapdog to Xi and his goons.

My hope is that of there's anything good that comes from this pandemic, it is the exposure and pariah status of the Chinese Communist Party.

1918 influenza pandemic survivor interview: Mrs. Edna Register Boone

(I thought this was an extremely interesting account of a 1918 pandemic by a lady who was 10 years old at the time.)

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Anyone remember these gems from childhood? We only had to take this 666 cold medicine if our colds were severe, and it was nasteee...but effective.

Took a trip to Wassaw Island. The marshes are so beautiful.

@Wizski It is excellent that you wrote that post. I think the very same. @CherylRoyal

March 25—Internet taxi driver in Iran

"Please do not provide any money to the Islamic republic. Not a single rial [Iranian currency] reaches the people. Please do not lift the sanctions from the filthy mullahs' republic. That is exactly what they want."

I was thinking earlier.....
We have this demPanic going on.
I'm at risk at 70yr.
I've got 2 kids layed off last week.
The forces of evil are marshaling all they have against our President, then I hear and read from so many.... "Thank God We Have Trump"......

And you know what, I feel pretty damn good.
Because..... Trump.

Thank you God of the Heavens, so many are grateful for his leadership. Give him the strength he needs to guide us through all of this.

21 million cell phone accounts in China were cancelled after coronavirus
840,000 landlines were closed in China
lMeanwhile, China has reported only 3,277 confirmed deaths as of today.So where have the rest of the 21 million people gone?
Cell phones required in China since last year. They are used for shopping, banking, social security, health care, mandatory facial recognition, and more. People simply don't have the option to not have a cell phone in China.

I don't know about you guys, but after 2 weeks of staying at home, I need a vacation.

So check this out.

NBC's Andy Lack, who Trump HATES, was in 2015 made CEO of the Broadcasting Board of Governors. GOOD LORD.

From 2015 onwards, the Beijing regime became more and more entrenched in US media. Lack = corrupt, seditious Hack.

I'm now more convinced than ever that the hammer will come down on FakeNews, as well as Obama admin crooks

@Debradelai @RonOgletree @MEMA @prchrskd @FreedomLover108

Ha! You are "extra spicy" these days.

We are going to have to nick name you Saul-sa.

"Fresh" and "spicy hot" Saul-sa.


Beautiful. Just fricking Beautiful.

What do Massei, Q-turds, Bloomberg and Ocasionally Courteous have in common?


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