Prayers for my godson today, Paterson NJ PD. His 30 day suspension is up today. Mayor wants him fired and all BLM associations. Don’t know what will happen. Although body cam video doesn’t look good (domestic violence call), but there’s things you can’t see.

Mayor of Paterson: Guilty till proven innocent.

Godson an 18 year veteran with awards up the kazoo.

Paterson NJ is a tough place if anyone knows the area.

Anyway, any prayers would be appreciated. We just have to wait and see.

I just shared. It’s not a good situation. video doesn’t look good. I just Ask for prayers”.that’s all.

Thanks everyone who reached out. Scared, tired and worn out from this thing. 🙏 so thank you all.

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@Cheryl4Trump The video does not look good. But, there are 2 sides to a situation. I would think he needs a representative/attorney to get any additional, contextual information out to the public asap. We did not see what happened prior in that video clip, but now the clip is out there, more information, or some sort of explanation is needed, in my opinion.

@Cheryl4Trump pls tell me your thoughts. Godson says man tried to assault him. Then when “victim” is kneeling he tried to bite him this the knee. 🤷‍♀️

@Cheryl4Trump he’s screwed. 🤷‍♀️. BLM all over this in NJ. Aunt is having a NB.

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Okay guys. I read here all the time. Haven’t posted in many weeks. My Godson, a police officer in Paterson is in quite a bit of trouble. Here’s the video.

Trump-knows how much he won by. He’s got the exact numbers. We won by a landslide. They fckd cheated.

Biden is a STAIN on America. Let’s be CLEAR. He’s a fraudulent President.

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