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The wealthy sister is leftism.

The entire ideology has totally imploded.

It holds no attraction for anybody sane.

And that's a good thing.


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So check this out.

NBC's Andy Lack, who Trump HATES, was in 2015 made CEO of the Broadcasting Board of Governors. GOOD LORD.

From 2015 onwards, the Beijing regime became more and more entrenched in US media. Lack = corrupt, seditious Hack.

I'm now more convinced than ever that the hammer will come down on FakeNews, as well as Obama admin crooks

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PLEASE get this article to Twitter heavyweights like Brian Cates, Jeff Carlson, Thomas, Tracy Beanz, Shem H, DawsonSField, Chaos Actual, Seth Levy, Rosie and all the other awesome patriots in our gang.


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Only Ken Dilanian, inkshitter No3 and longtime John Brennan waterboy could reger to China as "an economic superpower".

A country with a GDP per capita lower than Bolivia's.

There is no lie these Komsomol will not tell to advance their fallacies.

Incidentally, Italy, 5th Industrial power in the world has shifty hospitals and needs help?


Two words: Socialized medicine.

The same that Dilanian and his boss want to shove down our throats.

Commie bastards.

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2. Don't forget that CNN is owned by none other than A T & T, who also do a lot of business with the Chinese regime and (among other things) was one of the chief backers used by Xi to get Huawei into the US.

A T & T and Concast have the same majority shareholders, who are ALSO lapdogs to Xi & his goons.

And wait until you learn about their relationship with the Obama administration.

More soon.

The end.

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1. More evidence of NBC's grovelling to the Chinese regime.

Owner of NBC? COMCAST. Sorry, Concast.

I have a bombshell new article coming (Saul has it now) that exposes Concast's (and it's shareholders) sedition with Xi and his crime gang, aka Chinese Communist Party.

When it's published, please consider getting it to everyone you know.

Another thing.


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3.28 million reasons to make El Presidente Xi of the Chinese Communist Party PAY BIGLY.

Trump is VERY vindictive. The tin-pot dictator hack & his goons in Beijing are going to pay a MIGHTY price, for what they've done.

The best part? As their walls fall around them, Xi and his thugs will have no idea how it happened. That's the guaranteed result when you mess with Trump.

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Moron ingests aquarium cleaner and croaks.

NBC: it's Trump's fault!

Surely the President is at fault for idiots drinking Clorox, too.

Fake news is the enemy of the people.

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I wonder if Xi and his fellow hacks ever considered what they were unleashing with the Wuhan virus.

So much misery and death. Of course, poorer countries like Thailand get hit very hard.

Payback will be huge.

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Not just Biden, eithet.

Watch : by November, every Democratic candidate will be exposed as a Chinese Communist Party toady. Obama, Clinton, Biden and many others.

The Democratic Party became the tool of the Beijing regime and Trump will expose them all.

Trump's going to win 50 states.

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Only the most lowlife corrupt scumbag would still be defending Xi at this point.

I give you cretin Tim Kaine, who would have been Crooked's VPOTUS if her rigging of the 2016 election had succeeded.

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8. POTUS Trump is 100% correct - FakeNews IS the enemy of the American Republic.

Because they have been bribed by the Chinese regime, America's #1 enemy.

Their toady 'reporters' are the public face part of a much bigger iceberg, that leans toward Xi and his goons.

Trump is a powerful threat to the Chinese regime and these corporations. Their interests are aligned in destroying him.

Let us pray that they do not succeed.

The end.

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The insane narcissism of the modern left.

They're so hooked on their view of themselves as the most special and unique individuals in history.

Wuhan Virus is a bad infection. But it's nowhere near as bad as viruses in the past.

Leftists want to 'own' it as their 'very special virus'. The more that die, the more these people believe they are special

That's how sick they are.

To date, 201 are dead. All tragic, of course. But end of world? Nah. Not even close.

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3. It's really difficult to overstate how important this finding is.

If the sub-source was Shvets, it should be possible to connect him to the main SpyGate players and may well explain the panic of key Obama administration goons, who KNEW Shvets was a US asset all along.

Read the article. There's clear evidence that the FBI tried to divert attention away from the Ukrainian connection. That means key FBI goons knew about Shvets.

Ditto, DOJ crooks like Ohr.

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2. It appears that the Clinton campaign used YURI SHVETS, an ex KGB officer of UKRAINIAN origin and based in the US, to supply dirt to Steele.

Note - UKRAINIAN. Not Russian.

SHVETS seems to be a US intelligence asset, working with John Brennan's CIA.

Interesting to note that SHVETS is also tied up with Robert Levinson, who is apparently in Iran. WOW.

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1. Extremely important thread on the identity of Christopher Steele's source - also, read their article, it is superb.

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The Ukrainian connection within the Russia hysteria that plagued the 45th Presidency from the start is a beacon shining upon all the Democrat shenanigans concerning flushing US currency through the filters of corruption & to certain players involved. The Democrats were up to their necks in money laundering, became desperate at the loss of Hillary, & decided to use intel bullcrap via Brennan (& others) to diirty an incoming CIC.
Clear treason.
They must pay at some point.
Enter the Chinese

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