I remember Pete Seeger talking about Woody Guthries “This land is your Land” song being a socialist song. In the first minutes of this interview he explains how schools took it upon themselves to teach children the song. I vividly remember the words and singing it. bet most of you do also. Judge for yourself.


I'm convinced nothing has had more of an impact at bridging cultures as music.

A little self reflection today.
The mother was age 40 The father 45. The couple already had 8 children and the eighth was born five years prior. A ninth surprise bun in the oven. By todays standards I may have been considered for termination.

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Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Michael Stenger - who was in charge of Capitol security on January 6 and who blamed 'professional agitators' - dies suddenly, hours before TODAY's surprise hearing moved up because of 'safety concerns' for Mark Meadows' top aide

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Anyone have a big green egg?

will mail this cookbook for it free of charge to first person who sends me an address

Cleaning out overstock to make room for new stuff

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I just got off the phone with my 91 year old Mom. I asked what she was doing, and she said, “ have you seen our idiot president making a fool of himself overseas”?
I wanted to ask her which time she was referring to.
Further into the conversation, she said, “ they don’t want us old people around because we remember too much from history. First thing the dictators do is indoctrinate the children, and take away guns from citizens, that’s how a country falls”. I’m so proud of my Mom.

Not only is the Supreme Court decision correct but it removes this as a political talking point and prerequisite for candidates. Hopefully we will never hear the subject of abortion in a national debate.

I'm very happy the Fed is out of it.

Within 24 hours of escalation the seller responds to PayPal with a reused or stolen tracking number.
The tracking number shows an item was delivered to a Postal Locker within your City.
PayPal closes the case in favor of the seller as the tracking number shows something was delivered.
I had to talk to a real person to decipher the activity as fraudulent. I am expecting to receive a refund within 3 days. end

Checking your email daily neither arrive in your inbox.
After logging on to you PayPal account you choose to dispute the seller through PayPal’s resolution center.
The seller is notified via PayPal a claim has been made. The seller does not respond to this notification.
As per PayPal’s resolution center a waiting period of 7 days must pass before escalating the claim.
Once the 7 days have passed you can choose to escalate the case.

Thread on the vulnerability of using PayPal.

For example you’re browsing the internet to purchase a particular item.
You find the item your wanted and decide to pull the trigger on the purchase.
The seller accepts PayPal. The transfer of funds goes as smoothly as possible.
Funds are moved from a connected account through PayPal to the seller.
You now anticipating an order number and later the tracking number.

Nothing new.

“The Jan. 6 select committee and the legacy media outlets promoting the show trial completely ignore, however, the verifiable evidence of systemic violations of election law, illegal voting, and the constitutionally deficient execution of the November 2020 election—including issues Trump challenged following the election”.


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Saul addressed red law on tuesdays yapping with Saul. Gave a great deal of insight and example, settled me down very quickly once he had clarified it. I recommend everyone watch it. Thank you SMB!

the agreement encourages states to enact red-flag laws, to expand mental health services in all 50 states, as well as allow searches of juvenile records during background checks for those under 21 and increase funds for school security and mental health programs.


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As mentioned last night in the Quod meet there is another need to support this forum. Times are tough but this is temporary and in the mean time some have decided to try out other platforms. Very disappointing and have decided the best results are right here. Nothing worth keeping is free unless it comes from the ground.

Please help to support QV here.



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