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I am traveling to Ontario 🍁 tomorrow.
Monte pythons “the lumberjack song” are forever connected in my mind.

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Joe Biden is a demon.

This past Thursday or Friday, I paid $4.97 a gallon at the Costco on Center Drive. It’s gone up by $.50 in just 3 or 4 days.

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Freed from the clutches of the medical profession!

VIP tonight at 9:30pm

Details to follow!

In 2020 I was the first in line at my polling station. They unlocked the door for me. I went in there with a face diaper and my eyes were smiling as I left.
I will never forget, "yeah it's personal".

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Kristen Welker brazenly and repeatedly lied in a bizarre, conspiracy-laden debate with former President Donald Trump on Sunday. The show was her first time as the permanent host of “Meet The Press,” previously hosted by Democrat activist Chuck Todd.

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@YoungBlood —Photo Op. And not a very good one at that.

Note to PA GOP: get your act together and nominate a viable candidate to throw this imbecile out of office…so all the Senate can dress like grownups again.

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“I drove 290 miles from Braddock in my UAW-made Ford Bronco to stand in solidarity with these brave workers as they walk the picket line. Pittsburgh is a union town just like Detroit is and we are always going to have these workers’ back,” Fetterman said in a statement provided by his press office on Sunday.


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U.S. Senator John Fetterman drove from Pennsylvania to Michigan Saturday to picket with striking United Auto Workers members, according to a statement from Fetterman and photos provided by his office.

Fetterman appeared with striking workers in Wayne, Michigan, including a photo outside UAW Local 900, the union chapter which represents workers at Ford’s assembly plants there.

Update 2. Management had scheduled production anticipating the UAWs 4 year contract ending by cutting three 8 hour shifts from this weeks schedule. Next weeks schedule posted today also cut three shifts from the production schedule.
February 2024 I will have completed my 30th year with this company. The two leanest times have been Obama and now Obama Reloaded.

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Folks, I'm afraid no QuodMeet tonight.

Just not going to be able. Tomorrow is also out of the question, so no broadcast till the VIP on Tuesday.

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The law, which took effect Wednesday, requires firearm shops to send background checks on guns through the New York State Police, instead of directly to the FBI, while also

making background checks a requirement to buy bullets as well.

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An update pertaining to the UAW strike.
We do provide castings to the three auto plants currently on strike but the amount of orders for these specific plants is minimal. If, IF the UAW expands the strike to include more auto manufacturing locations our production of automotive castings will slowdown.

Next week I'm traveling north to catch a float plane to fly me to a secluded resort in Ontario. Gone fishing. I will be working on carpal tunnel holding a rod and real. picketers not so much.

A week ago my company had posted “how to file for unemployment” information on the employee portal.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes for this strike to effectively cause us to pause our production.


“UAW chief says offers from Detroit companies are inadequate, says union is ready to go on strike“

The looming UAW strike would have a significant impact on my company. Outside influences such as the UAW is one reason I requested salary versus hourly. Largest grey iron foundry in the world has managed to stay non-union for nearly 70 years.

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