@BlkLdyPatriot so sick of all this crap, race crap, money crap. Cant we just go back to being Amerucans and enjoy our lives. Cut off the federal funds and everything will just go back. No riots , no division, no hate. Just stop it.

@lolajl @Eiualumni @Stacie

Paul Ryan was a self destruction loss of potential. I had hopes for the guy. Then one day, it's as if someone whispered in his ear. He became just another politician. Being disliked in his home state takes talent. As far as I'm concerned he's been compromised.

The Streisand Effect and the Global Energy Crisis: How Europe's Hypocrisy Led to a Coal Renaissance


@Mnorman @YoungBlood
I don't carry any Mobile devices.
My attention is 360 in public.

As a Deputy, no one had my number and my phone was on vibrate.
If anyone wanted to talk to me, they were forwarded from Dispatch.


"I would wager to bet there is active cartel members in every state,” the senator added.

I'll wager to bet there are Politicians and petty Bureaucrats taking money from them Senator.

Just in... NASA satellite data for May.

May 2023 much cooler than May 1998, despite 66% more industrial era CO2.

Emissions-driven warming is a hoax.


Oh yeah, I'm sure this was the plan all along.

Major League Baseball switched their profile picture to a rainbow LGBT Pride logo on the first day of the secular high holy month of Pride on June 1st. Because we're still a religious people, after all.

@ChaplainEric Now its even open mockery of Catholic nuns. Church AND State. This HAS to stop! Or else its "Common Sense and Freedom of Speech R.I.P"

@ChaplainEric Exactly!! If its anything about our love and pride of our country,anything positive about our nation..they have to drag it through the mud and try to destroy it😡

BREAKING NEWS: Biden admin issues 20-year oil drilling ban near Indigenous site, ignoring pleas from Native Americans
fxn.ws/42mFb58 #press

1) This makes me so angry!!😡
Outrageous! Children’s Choir Stopped Mid-Performance While Singing National Anthem at US Capitol, Capitol Police Claims it is a Prohibited Form of Protest. In a shocking turn of events, the Rushingbrook Children’s Choir was interrupted and stopped while singing the National Anthem in Statuary Hall at the United States Capitol.

Keep doing the dog trot trying to look spry.
One of these days Joe… 🤦🏻‍♀️ C’mon man!!!


Speaker McCarthy has given “unfettered access” to the January 6th tapes to John Solomon, Julie Kelly and some other outlet.

Some are saying that McCarthy is only doing this to distract from the debt ceiling deal he made with Biden. Others are suggesting that this has been a long time coming and are excited.

"We must cripple all domestic energy production so the sun God may bring us good weather!"
The climate cult is completely insane...😂
RNC Research
Democrat Rep. Jamaal Bowman: "We need to stop drilling for fossil fuels completely ... we need an expedited way to get us to clean, renewable energy, or we will continue to have these severe weather events."

@Dubby @ChaplainEric

It's unimportant.

I knew my time there would be short.

So much for Musk's bullshit.


The FBI formally refused Tuesday to turn over to Congress an investigative memo alleging a bribery scheme involving President Joe Biden, prompting the chairman of the House Oversight Committee to begin proceedings to hold Director Christopher Wray in contempt.

Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., the panel's chairman, said he still plans to meet with Wray on Wednesday but declared the bureau's notification of refusing to comply with a subpoena to be unfortunate.


Democrats instantly impeach Trump for nothing and Republicans throw haymakers at each other.

The Stupid Party.

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