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Generally speaking, a lion can be scared off by many things so long as no physical contact has been made. If a lion succeeds in making one test swipe, however, the chances of an actual attack increase.

China, aided and abetted, successfully took a test swipe.



What was of most interest to me as I have posted here in responses to the documents scandals is specially;

Paraphrasing, How did he ever get those documents out of a SCIF? And/or who facilitated that undocumented departure?

The bills came due for those who did it in their testimonies during the Trump impeachments. One in particular, Vindman who we know worked in SCIFs.

Biden and his gang are running cover, but a hurricane is coming no cover will not blow away.

CNN is blowing my mind tonight. They're giving the latest Bidet classified docs discovery FULL TIME coverage, using words like Historic, Deeply-Troubling, Presidency-Threatening! MSNBC also, to a lesser degree. Usually when bad news breaks for Bidet they start reviewing old Jan 6 material, or Trump tax problems, etc.

And Fox News is just showing regular pre-recorded programming!

Hell just froze over!

@Mnorman @YoungBlood. I guess the climate nuts believe down through the ages people never drank coffee...never cooked with fire....never burned and cut woodlands to build homes.....never watched volcanoes hurl ash in Pompeii, Sicily and anywhere else, not forgetting Krakatoa.

Remove Biden. Then of course out of fairness and equal justice, Trump will have to be Punished also.
Two Problems solved.

Problem is , it's Apples and Oranges.
Democrats know they'll fail. They want optics. They're banking on the People be too stupid to know this.

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Our entire fedral government ain't wort da price Pieter Schage paid fer Manhattan.


The deforestation of the old Scotland woods had me wondering WTH. Just read an article that the trees are the oldest and holding carbon data as far back as 5000+ bc
The sturdies conducted have provided proof that what we are experiencing now is not abnormal. So one has to ask, why are they bulldozing these old forests down to put up turbines?

Of course, on Saturday, that narrative took another beating with the discovery of a fourth trove of classified documents. This time, they were found in Biden’s filing cabinet at his home office. To say that it belabors belief that they ended up there without the president’s knowledge is to severely understate the situation.


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